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  1. Definition of Keyboard
    • a collection of 52 white keys and 36 black keys.
  2. Defintion of Pitch
    • Our relative perception of how high or low a sound is.
    • <------ ------->
    • lower higher
  3. Definition of tone
    Specific context of a sound of specific pitch
  4. What are the 2 types of music notation?
    • Alphabetic
    • A B C D E F G

    • Syllabic
    • la ti do re mi fa sol
  5. Definition of notation
    encompasses not only pitch but the whole collection of symbols that convey instructions from the composer to the performer - including rhythm, speed, & volume
  6. Definition of half-step or semitone
    • keys that are right next to each other and encompass the smallest pitch difference
    • 1. white to black
    • 2. black to white
    • 3. white to white
  7. Definition of whole step or whole tone
    • 2 semitones and the smallest pitch difference between non-adjacent keys
    • - black to black
    • - black to white
    • - white to white
    • - white to black
  8. 2 black key groups
    • white keys are:
    • internal keys: D
    • external keys: C & E

  9. 3 black key groups
    • internal white keys: G & A
    • external white keys: F & B
  10. Defintion of sharp
    adjacent black key to the right of a white key & produces a pitch a half-step higher

  11. Definition of double sharp
    • Raises the pitch a whole step
  12. Definition of flat
    • adjacent black key to the left of a white key that produces a pitch half-step lower than the original
  13. Definition of double flat
    • lowers the pitch of a note by a whole step
    • ex: D to D double flat = D to C
  14. Definition of natural
    • cancels all previous accidentals
  15. Definition of enharmonic pitches
    2 pitches that sound the same but have different names & look different on paper
  16. Definition of octave
    eight white keys between a letter name & its next occurance up or down

    • C D E F G A B C
    • 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  17. Definition of octave register
    Pitches that fall within an octave from C to C

    ex: C4 D5 E5 F5 G5 A5 B5 C5
  18. Definition of staff
    a system of 5 horizontal lines & the 4 spaces between them.

    plural: stave
  19. Definition of notehead
    the oval-shaped part of notes that are placed on the lines or in the spaces
  20. Definition of ledger lines
    • short lines are temporarily added above & below the staff. Added to individual notes.
  21. Definition of clef
    musical symbol that fixes a particular pitch on a specific line of the staff.

    4 clefs: Treble, Bass, Alto, & Tenor
  22. Definition of Treble Clef or "G clef"
    fixes G above middle C on the 4th line of a staff
  23. Definition of Bass Clef or "F clef"
    Fixes F below middle C on the 4th line of a staff

  24. Definition of C Clef
    Fixes middle C on the staff line where it is placed. This is a moveable clef. Alto/Tenor Clef

  25. Mnemonic device for remembering Treble Clef Scale
  26. Mnemonic device for remembering Bass Clef Scale
  27. Definition for Grand Staff
    The treble & bass staves are joined

  28. Definition of Middle C
    Placed right in the middle of the grand staff

  29. Definition of Ottava alta
    Placed above a group of notes of the treble clef indicates that those notes should be played an octave higher than written
  30. Definition of ottava bassa
    placed below a group of notes on the treble clef and indicates that those notes should be played an octave lower
  31. Definition of scale
    • a consecutive ascending or descending arrangement of pitches represented by letter names
  32. Definition of diatonic half-steps
    • Involve different letter names & staff locations
  33. Definition of chromatic half-steps
    Involve the same letter names & staff location

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