french verbs er

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  1. adorer
    to love, to adore
  2. aimer
    to like, to love
  3. aimer meiux
    to prefer (like better)
  4. chercher
    to look at
  5. commencer
    to begin
  6. danser
    to dance
  7. demander
    to ask for
  8. de'tester
    to detest
  9. donner
    to give
  10. e'couter
    to listen to
  11. e^tre
    to be
  12. e'tudier
    to study
  13. fumer
    to somke
  14. habiter
    to live
  15. manger
    to eat
  16. parler
    to speak
  17. regarder
    to look at, to watch
  18. re^ver
    to dream
  19. skier
    to ski
  20. travailler
    to work
  21. trouver
    to find
  22. visiter
    to visit (a place)
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