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  1. Where was Samori Toure's homeland?
    The high country between the Upper Niger and the upper Senegal.
  2. Who was the first leader in the African region to arm all his troops with guns?
    Samori Toure.
  3. By 1886, Samori Toure had accquired 50 breechloaders, most of them __________.
  4. Where did Toure purchase his weapons from?
    Sierra Leone.
  5. Toure had __ in 1887, and ____ in 1898.
    36, 4000.
  6. What type of rifles did Toure aim to purchase from the Sierre Leon region?
    Gras and Mauser.
  7. What type of repeaters were the French armed with that fought Toure?
    Gras-Kropatceks and Labels.
  8. How many blacksmiths did he have?
    300 to 400 blacksmiths.
  9. How many rifles did his industry make a week?
    12 a week. (mostly copies of Gras-Kropatceks)
  10. How many cartridges a day did Toures industry produce?
    200 to 300.
  11. Who made the gunpowder?
    The wives of the blacksmiths.
  12. Who defeated Toure? How?
    The French; they cut off his supply from Sierre Leon and Libya.
  13. A similar situation happened in the reign of Tewodros (_____-______) in _______.
    (1855-1868) in Ethiopia.
  14. Where did the British Army defeat Twedros army?
    At Maeqdela. (Thanks in part of their breechloaders)
  15. Who is Bezbiz Kasa?
    A rival warloard.
  16. Who was recruited by Bezbiz Kasa to train his troops?
    Kirkham, an English Sergeant.
  17. In 1871, after defeating his rivals, Kasa became Emperor ________ __.
    Yohannis IV.
  18. Yohannis marked wars against _______ ______ to the West, and _______ to the east.
    Sudanese Mahdist, Italians.
  19. By ____, Yohannis had a better equppied army than any African Ruler ever had.
  20. When was the defeat of the Italians at Aduwa?
    March 1st, 1896.
  21. Why did the Italians lose?
    Their own treaty of Wichelle in which they supplied rifles to Menelik.
  22. What was the method of fighting that the Europeans most frequently encountered?
    The frontal assult, or rush.
  23. What is the square of Napoleonic times?
    A human fortress surrounded by an impenetrable hail of bullets.
  24. Describe the battle that took place in October 1893 near Zimbabwe.
    A column of 50 British South African Police encountered the 5,000 Ndebele warriors of King Lobegula.
  25. How long did it take for 3,000 Ndebele to be dead?
    Within an hour and a half.
  26. Who wrote Small Wars: Their Principles and Practice (1906)?
  27. What was Small Wars: Their Principles and Practice (1906) about?
    The difference between Europeans and Barbarians.
  28. Who wrote A West African Warfare book that was a maual for British officers posted to that region?
    Charles B. Wallis.
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