Physics A2 Level

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  1. Uniform Circular Motion
    • an object rotating at a steady rate
    • motion of an object moving at constant speed along a circular path
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  2. Angular Displacement
    • The angle an object in circular motion turns through
    • time period = T
    • frequency = f
    • in radians
    • 2πt/T
    • 2πft
  3. Angular Speed
    • The angular displacement per second
    • Ω (angular displacement) = 2π/T = 2πf = v/r
  4. Centripetal Acceleration
    • direction of the velocity changes continuously as the object moves in a circular path
    • acceleration towards the centre of the circle
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  5. Centripetal force
    • resultant force on an object moving round a circle at constant speed
    • acts towards the centre of the circle
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    • F=mw2r
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