Music Notation 2

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  1. Definition of major scale
    contains 8 pitches represented by consecutive letter names, the eighth letter is a repetition of the 1st only an octave higher. Pitches must follow a specific order of whole & half notes. Named after tone.

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  2. Definition of scale degree
    steps on a scale.

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  3. Definition of tonic
    scale degree 1, which starts & end the scale

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  4. What is the Major Scale Rule?
    Half steps fall between scale degrees 3 & 4, 7 & 8.

    (WWH W WWH)

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  5. Definition of Tonality
    Organization of a composition around a tonic based upon a major or minor scale
  6. Definition of degree
    tones of the diatonic scale

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  7. Definition of chromatic scale
    a scale which divides the octave into its semitones. 12 semitones to an octave.

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  8. Definition of diatonic scale
    proceeding the order of the octave based on 5 tones & 2 semitones

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  9. What are the 7 degrees of the diatonic scale?
    • 1st degree: tonic
    • 2nd degree: supertonic
    • 3rd degree: mediant
    • 4th degree: subdominant
    • 5th degree: dominant
    • 6th degree: submediant
    • 7th degree: leading tone
  10. Definition of key
    a specific scale or series of notes defining a particular tonality. Defined as major or minor. Named after tonic or keytone
  11. Definition of keynote
    note upon which a scale or mode is based or around which a composition is centered.
  12. Definition of transposition
    shifting a composition to a different pitch level
  13. Definition of dominant
    5th tone of the scale
  14. Definition of key signature
    the sharp, flat, or natural signs placed at the beginning of a staff indicating tonality of the composition

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  15. Key Signature Rhymes
    • Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles' Father

    • Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle

    • 'SHARP' Key Sig. Hint:
    • When sharps you see, the last is 'ti'

    • 'FLAT' Key Sig. Hint:
    • When flats there are, the last is 'fa'.
  16. Definition of tie
    • a slur (curved line) that joins two
    • notes together so that they are played as one long note
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  17. Definition of leading tone/note
    the major seventh of a scale, so called because it lies a semitone below the tonic & leads toward it

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  18. Definition of mediant
    the third note of the scale, so called because of its position halfway between the tonic and dominant.

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  19. Definition of phrase
    a musical unit, often a component of a melody may be regarded as a dependent division of music
  20. Definition of subdominant
    tone that is one step below the dominant of a key

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  21. Definition of submediant
    that tone which is positioned as far below the tonic as the mediant is above the tonic

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  22. Definition of supertonic
    tone that is one step above the tonic of a key
  23. Definition of tetrachord
    the perfect fourth & the set of four diatonic, chromatic, or enharmonic notes encased there in

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