Psychology ch6

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  1. Learning
    A change in thought or behavior resulting from experience.
  2. Stimulus
    Anything in the enviorment to which an organism might react.
  3. Response
    any behavior resulting from a stimulus
  4. habituation
    • decrease in reaction to a repeated stimulus
    • -simplest form of learning
  5. Classical conditioning
    A new stimulus begins to elict the same response as another stimuli when they occur together.
  6. Pairing
    learning occurs when the CS is paired reliably with the UCS
  7. Extinction
    decrease or dissaperance of the CS when it is no longer paired with with UCS. Doesnt mean forgotten.
  8. Spontaneous Recovery
    the return of the CS after a delay
  9. Stimulus gerneralization
    When stimuli similiar to the CS elicit a CR
  10. Stimulus Discrimination
    When a stimuli similiar to the CS does not elecit a CR
  11. Operant conditioning
    acquiring behaviors as a result of the outcome or consquence of those behaviors ( reward and punishment)
  12. Thorndike's law of effect
    If a response, in the presence of a stimulus, is followed by a satisfying state of affairs, the bond betwwen the stimulus and response will be strengthened.
  13. Positive reinforcement
    pleasant stimulus is giving to increase certain behavior
  14. negative reinforcement
    unpleasant stimulus is removed to increase a certain behavior
  15. postive punishment
    unpleasant stimulus is giving to decrease a certain behavior
  16. negative punishment
    pleasant stimulus is removed to decrease a certain behavior.
  17. partial reinforcement
    reinforcing behaviors occasionally rather than always (partial reinforcement is harder to extinguish)
  18. Fixed ratio
    Reinforcement after a fixed number of responses (money in soda machine)
  19. Fixed interval
    reinforcement after a fixed amount of time (baking cookies)
  20. variable ration
    Reinforcement after a varying number of responses (gambling)
  21. variable interval
    reinforcement after a varying about of time (waiting in line)
  22. shaping
    rewarding behaviors that come closer and closer to a target behavior
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