Chapter 3

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  1. 3 major cell parts
    cell, cytoplasm, nucleus
  2. functions of cell membrane
    encloses cell, site of metabolic reactions, selectivly permiable
  3. selectivly permiable allows what to liquids to pass
    molecules souluable in lipids(fat), not water soulable molecules
  4. cell membrane composed of
    lipids and protiens
  5. what makes up interior cell membrane
    phosphipid bilayer
  6. what does phospholipid bilayer cinsist of
    double layer of phospholipid molecules, hydrophilic endsand hydrophobic tails
  7. 2 types of cell membrane protiens
    integral and peripheral
  8. where are integral protiens found
    inside entire cell
  9. 2 types of integral protiens
    globular and fibrous
  10. what do gobular integral protiens do
    serve as channel for transport
  11. what do fibrous integral protiens do
    serve as receptors
  12. where are peripheral protiens found
    inner and outer cell membrane
  13. what is the function of peripheral integral protiens
    enzymes, marker molecules, allow immune system to distinguish btwn self and foreign cells
  14. what is cytoplasm
    material outside of nucleous
  15. what is the function of cytoplasm
    where food is received, processed, and used, also site for cellular activity(metabolism)
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