Wine and Food Pairing

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  1. Rule #1
    If you are taking wine to a dinner party as a gift, don't worry about matching the wine to the food. Just bring a GOOD wine.
  2. Rule #2
    • Serve lighter bodied wines before full bodied ones
    • Serve dry wines before sweet wines
    • Serve lower alcohol wines before higher alcohol wines
  3. Rule #3
    • Pair light-bodied wines with lighter foods
    • Pair full-bodied wines with heartier, more flavorful, richer, or fattier dishes
  4. Rule #4
    Pair the wine with the sauce, seasoning, or dominant flavor of the dish
  5. Rule #5
    • Match flavors
    • Avoid competing flavors that neutralize one another to blandness or that both demand dominance (unpleasant)
  6. Rule #6
    Beware of pairing a wine with a food that is sweeter than the wine; the sweeter food may make the wine taste bitter by comparison
  7. Rule #7
    Consider pairing opposities (i.e. hot/spicy foods with sweeter wines)
  8. Rule #8
    Match by geographic location
  9. Rule #9
    • Dry wines with goat cheeses
    • Light, fruity reds with mild cheeses
    • red wines with sharp cheeses
    • sweet wines with pungent or highly-flavorful cheeses
  10. Rule #10
    • Sweet dishes increase perception of bitterness in wine
    • Bitter dishes will also increase perception of bitterness in wine
    • sourness and salty flavors in foods decrease perception of bitterness in wine
    • high acidity in foods decreases perception of sourness in wines
  11. _____ and ______ are the most versatile varietals.
    • Pinot noir
    • Sauvignon blanc
  12. _____ wine tastes ______ with the dark, grey, oily parts of fish.
    • White
    • metallic
  13. ______ wine tastes _______ with more than a tiny amount of vinegar, shellfish, or snails.
    • Red
    • metallic
  14. General Food & Wine Combos: Light appetizers
    light, dry whites
  15. General Food & Wine Combos: heavy appetizers
    fruity whites or reds
  16. General Food & Wine Combos: Clear broth soups
    don't pair well with wine; diluting effect on wine
  17. General Food & Wine Combos: Creamy or rich soup
    dry white
  18. General Food & Wine Combos: thick, earthy soup
    light-bodied red
  19. General Food & Wine Combos: salmon
    chardonnay or pinot noir
  20. General Food & Wine Combos: Cod
    Pinot noir or Beaujolais
  21. General Food & Wine Combos: Shrimp and Lobster
    • Chablis
    • Chardonnay
    • White Burgundy
  22. General Food & Wine Combos: subtly prepared poultry
    lighter, fruity whites
  23. General Food & Wine Combos: heavy and spicy poultry
    lighter, fruiter reds
  24. General Food & Wine Combos: sweet ham & pork
    fruity reds (Beaujolais, Pinot gris, Pinot noir)
  25. General Food & Wine Combos: mildly savory ham & pork
    dry whites (White Burgundy, Chardonnay)
  26. General Food & Wine Combos: highly savory/spicy ham & pork
    big reds (Cabernet sauvignon)
  27. General Food & Wine Combos: Beef
    any fine red wine (Cabernet sauvignon, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Zinfandel, Pinot noir)
  28. General Food & Wine Combos: Game meats
    big and bold reds (Cabernet sauvignon, Syrrah)
  29. General Food & Wine Combos: Camembert, Brie, Gouda, other soft cheeses
    any red (Burgundy, Zinfandel, Cabernet sauvignon)
  30. General Food & Wine Combos: Goat cheeses
    dry whites, unless cheese is robust (then reds)
  31. General Food & Wine Combos: Blue cheese
    • sweet wine (late harvest wines, ice wines, Sauternes)
    • milder blues like Gorgonzola pair well with fruity reds
  32. General Food & Wine Combos: mild cheeses
    fruity reds (Pinot gris, Pinot noir, Beaujolais)
  33. General Food & Wine Combos: sharp cheeses
    dry reds
  34. General Food & Wine Combos: creamy & fruity desserts
    • Sauternes
    • Champagne
  35. General Food & Wine Combos: chocolate desserts
    • creamy liqueur
    • warmed Brandy
    • Port
    • (skip the wine)
  36. Wine with Real Food: Hamburger/Meatloaf
    Beaujolais, Zinfandel, Syrrah
  37. Wine with Real Food: Pasta with red sauce
  38. Wine with Real Food: Fried Chicken
    Sauvignon blanc
  39. Wine with Real Food: Sausages/hot dogs
    Zinfandel, Gewurtztraminer, Riesling
  40. Wine with Real Food: BBQ
    • BEER
    • Syrah
    • Zinfandel
  41. Wine with Real Food: Asian
    • Riesling
    • Gewurtztraminer
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