Bible exam 2

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  1. What does TULIP stand for? Be able to write it out.
    • Total depravity
    • Unconditional Election
    • Limited Attonement
    • Irresistible Grace
    • Perseverance of the Saints/Predestination
  2. Where did Everett Huffard work?
    Nazareth (5 years)
  3. Where did Milo Hadwin work?
    China, teaching English at universities
  4. Who is Benny Mullins? What did he do?
    1st one to experiment of sharing faith in English
  5. What happened at Tianamen Square?
    students protestors repremanded
  6. Who was Mao Zedong?
    1949 Communist paradise
  7. Where did Tim Westbrook work?
    Hungary, 8 yrs
  8. What is the average size of the churches in Hungary?
    20 in congregation
  9. The telological argument is also known as the _________________ argument.
  10. Building blocks
    • -scripture and the saints
    • -information and issues
    • -prayer (matt. 9:36-38)
    • -fellowship
    • -giving
    • -missionaries:meeting and getting to know missionaries
    • -lifestyle:lifestyle choices
    • -other input
  11. Which is the best match, "The physical universe is the only reality?"
  12. Which is the best match with the phrase, "Every person creates their own meaning for life?"
  13. Which is the best match with the phrase, "The goal of life is pleasure or fun?"
  14. Which is the best match for the phrase, "The currents of the Universal Being ciculate through me; I am part or parcel of God?"
  15. Definition? "The central assumptions, concepts, and premises that more or less shared by the members of a culture or subculture which...
    -Are presumed to be true without prior proof or logical reasoning
    -Allow people to intrepret their life experiences
    -Integrate life experiences into an explanatory whole"
  16. What type of argument?
    - Every finite and contingent being has a cause
    -Nothing infinite and contingent can cause itself
    -A causal chain cannot be of infinite length
    -Therefore, a First Cause (or something that is not an effect) must exist.
  17. William Paley's "Watchmaker Analogy" is what kind of argument?
  18. Which argument?
    -If God dos not exist, absolute moral values do not exist.
    -Absolute moral values do exist.
    -Therefore God exists
  19. Which argument?
    -Complexity implies a designer
    -The universe is highly complex
    -Therefore, the universe has a designer
  20. Who works with Outreach America? What is his primary objective?
    Marvin Crowson, team with friends at Harding to move together to church plant
  21. Which country has seen growth of Christianity through English teachers in the state universitites?
  22. Hiebert: "The more or less integrated systems of _______, ____________, and __________ and their associated patterns of _________ and ____________ shared by a group of people who organize and regulate what they _______, _________, and _________.
    • ideas, feelings, and values
    • behavior and products
    • think, feel, and do
  23. Is culture inherited?
    no, learned.
  24. What are the three dimensions of culture?
    • Ideas- cognitive
    • Feelings- affective
    • Values- evaluative
  25. Which is not one of the components that we find in culture?
    • material culture (objects, homes)
    • expressive culture (songs, poetry)
    • ritual culture (life-cycle rites, seasonal rites)
  26. Who was the MD who moved to Rwanda?
  27. Which treaty gave western lands to Spain and eastern lands to Portugual?
    Treaty of Tordesillas
  28. Three primary races from which the ethnic variety comes from in Latin America
    Indians, Europeans, blacks
  29. What are the languages that predominate of Latin America?
    Spanish and Portuguese
  30. Are evangelicals are experiencing significant growth in Latin America?
    yes! 700, 000 to 55, 000, 000
  31. What percentage of South America speaks Portuguese?
  32. What percentage of Evangelicals in Latin America are Pentecostal or charismatic?
  33. Who was the MD who moved to Rwanda?
    Brian Robinson
  34. Who was known as the "apostle to the indians?"
    Bartolome de las
  35. Which country has seen growth of Christianity through English teachers in the state universities?
  36. How did Dr. Huffard suggest that we should we do dynamic equivalence with Islam?
    Koran=Bible, Muhammad=David, belief in one God
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