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  1. Diploid
    normal number of chromosomes in a cell (homologous pairs of chromosomes)
  2. Heteroploidy
    any deviation from the diploid number
  3. Haploid
    • half the number of chromosomes
    • i.e. germ cells - have one of each of the homologous pairs of chromosomes
  4. Polyploids
    whole multiples of the haploid number
  5. Triploidy
    • three times haploid number
    • eg cats have 38 haploid, so 57 is triploid (38 + 19)
  6. Tetraploidy
    four times haploid number
  7. Aneuploidy
    cells which have a few chromosomes more or less than diploid
  8. Euploid
    normal number of chromosomes
  9. Monosomy
    • one of a homologous pair of chromosomes is missing
    • eg most common is absence of one X chromosome
  10. Trisomic
    a cell with an extra chromosome of a homologous pair
  11. Mixoploid
    some normal cells and some cells with a chromosomal abnormality
  12. Mosaic
    mixture of cells that comes from one original cell line
  13. Chimera
    mixture of cells derives from two cell lines

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