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  1. control
    something used as a standard of comparisons in a scientific experiment
  2. variable
    a factor or condition that changes in an experiment to tast a hypothesis
  3. independent variable
    the part of the experiment that is changed by the investigator
  4. dependent variable
    what is changed as a result if the independent varibale
  5. remeber KHDMDCM
    • k=kilo
    • h-hecto
    • d-deca
    • m-meter
    • d-deci
    • c-centi
    • m-milli
  6. mass
    amount of matter in an object
  7. weight
    measure of pull of gravity on an object
  8. gravity
    force of atraction between all objects (depends on mass and how far apart they are)
  9. ___ can change
    ___always the same
    • weight can change
    • mass is always the same
  10. voume
    the amount of space an object takes up
  11. graduated cylinder
    glass/plastic tube that thats marked with lines and shows hoe much liquid is in it
  12. meniscus
    curved surface of a liguid in a gqauduated cylinder
  13. volume=
  14. density
    • the mass per unit of volume for substance
    • mass over volume
    • if mass goes up volume goes up
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