Ch44 review

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  1. What are the types of Pulpal stimuli?
    • Physical-thermal changes
    • Mechanical-vibrations from handpiece
    • Chemical-acidic materials
    • Biologic-bacteria from saliva
  2. Thin layer placed at the deepest postion of the dental preparation to provide pulpal protection or dentinal regeneration.
    dental liner
  3. Method used to treat or prevent hypersensitivity?
  4. "blank" are placed when its necessary to protect the pulp before the restoration is placed.
    protective bases
  5. "blank" are placed in a deep cavity preparation to protect the tooth from thermal shock.
    insulating base
  6. "blank" helps soothe a pulp thats has been damaged by decay.
    sedative base
  7. Zinc oxide Eugenol could be selected for use for which type of bases?
    • insulating
    • sedative
  8. Why can't ZOE not be used under composite resins, glass ionomer or other resin restorations?
    (eugenol) It affects the setting process of resin materials
  9. What type of consistency does a base material have?
    Thick putty-like
  10. What type of consistency does a cavity liner(luting agent) have?
    thin and creamy
  11. What is the purpose of a dental bonding material?
    to bond restorative materials to enamel and dentin
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