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  1. 4 Phyla of Fungi + general info of included organisms
    • Chytridiomycota
    • Zygomycota: Black molds, endomycorrhizal fungi, Soft rot in plants. Aseptate hyphae. Asexual sporangiospores. Sexual Zygospores (in zygosporangium).
    • Ascomycota: Powdery mildews, edible morels, truffles, rot, blight, dutch elm disease. Septate hyphae. Asexual budding, conidia, and fragmentation. Sexual ascospores (in asci).
    • Basidiomycota:
  2. Genera of Zygomycota
    • Rhizopus stolonifer (black bread mold): Sporangia, sporangiophores, stolons, rhizoids.
    • Pilobolus crystallinus (shotgun fungus): positively phototropic, germinate in dung, sporangia “shot” to areas where herbivores eat to recomplete cycle.
  3. Genera of Ascomycota
    • Saccharomyces cerivisiae (baker’s yeast / brewer’s yeast): unicellular, reproduces primarily by budding.
    • Penicillium (blue/green mold): Asexual reproduction through conidia.
    • (Powdery mildews): powerdy material is conidia and assoc. hyphae. Older leaves have cleistothecia (ascoma shaped in completely enclosed circles).
    • (Fleshy Ascomycetes): Tuber melanosporum (truffles), Peziza (cup fungus), Morchella (edible morel). Have apothecia (ascoma shaped as cups).
    • Aspergillus niger: used to produce citric acid for sodas
    • Aspergillus oryzae: used to make soy sauce/paste
    • Claviceps purpurea: causes Ergot (a disease in grains). Ergotized grain contains toxic chemicals which, if eaten, can result in hallucinations, cramps, convulsions, and death.
    • (Chestnut blight): responsible for killing at least 3.5 billion American chestnuts of Eastern deciduous forests
    • (Dutch Elm Disease):
    • Lichen: ½ fungi and ½ cyanobacteria OR algae
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