ch.5 Respiratory System

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  1. pyothorax
    pus in the chest (pleural space) also called empyema
  2. endoscopic
    • pertaining to visual examination within (a hollow organ or body cavity)
    • (used to describe the practice of performing surgeries that use endoscopes)
  3. endoscope
    • instrument used for visual examination within (a hollow organ of the cavity)
    • (current trend is to use endoscopes for surgical procedures as well as for viewing0
  4. tracheostomy
    creation of an artificial opening into the trachea
  5. tracheoplasty
    surgical repair of the trachea
  6. tonsillectomy
    excision of the tonsils
  7. tracheotomy
    incision of the trachea
  8. endoscopy
    visual examination within (a hollow organ or body cavity)
  9. bronchoscope
    instrument used for visual examination of the bronch
  10. bronchopneumonia
    • diseased state of the bronchi and lungs
    • (usually caused by infection)
  11. diaphragmatocele
    hernia of the diaphragm
  12. epiglottitis
    inflammation of the epiglottis
  13. laryngoscope
    instrument used for visual examination of the larynx
  14. alveolitis
    inflammation of the alveolus
  15. atelectasis
    incomplete expansion (of the lung or portion of the lung)
  16. laryngitis
    inflammation of the larynx
  17. thoracoscope
    instrument used for visual examination of the thorax
  18. hemothorax
    blood in the chest (pleural space)
  19. laryngoscopy
    visual examination of the larynx
  20. laryngotracheotomy
    incision of the larynx and trachea
  21. thoractomy
    incision into the chest
  22. lobectomy
    excision of a lobe (of the lung)
  23. pleuropexy
    surgical fixation of the pleura
  24. pneumobronchotomy
    incision of lung and bronchus
  25. pharyngitis
    inflammation of the pharynx
  26. bronchogenic carcinoma
    cancerous tumor originating in a bronchus
  27. bronchitis
    inflammation of the bronchi
  28. laryngostomy
    creation of artificial opening into the larynx
  29. laryngectomy
    excision of the larynx
  30. pneumatocele
    • hernia of the lung
    • (lung tissue protrudes through an opening in the chest)
  31. pleuritis
    • inflammation of the pleura
    • (also caled pleurisy)
  32. laryngoplasty
    surgical repair of the larynx
  33. pneumothorax
    air in the chest (pleural space), which causes collaspe of the lung (often a result of an open chest wound)
  34. spirometry
    a measurement of breathing (or lung volumes)
  35. spirometer
    instrument used to measure breathing (or lung volumes)
  36. nasopharyngitis
    inflammation of the nose and pharynx
  37. pansinusitis
    inflammation of all sinuses
  38. oximeter
    indtrument used to measure oxygen (saturation in the blood)
  39. capnometer
    instrument used to measure carbon dioxide (levels in expired gas)
  40. labor pneumonia
    pertaining to the lobe(s), diseased state of the lung (infection of one or more lobes of the lung)
  41. thoracoscopy
    visual examination of the thorax
  42. bronchoplasty
    surgical repair of a bronchus
  43. adenotome
    surgical instrument used to cut the adenoids
  44. adenoidectomy
    excision of the adenoids
  45. thoracalgia
    pain the chest
  46. tonsillitis
    inflammation of the tonsils
  47. tracheitis
    inflammation of the trachea
  48. tracheostenosis
    narrowing of the trachea
  49. rhinomycosis
    abnormal condition of fungus in the nose
  50. rhinorrhagia
    • rapid flow of blood from the nose
    • (also called epistaxis)
  51. rhinitis
    inflammation of the (mucous membranes) nose
  52. laryngotracheobronchitis (LTB)
    • inflammation of the larynx, trachea, and bronchi
    • (the acute for is called croup)
  53. bronchoscopy
    visual examination of the bronchi
  54. pneumonitis
    inflammation of the lung
  55. septoplasty
    surgical repair of the (nasal) septum
  56. pneumonectomy
    excision of a lung
  57. rhinoplasty
    surgical repair of the nose
  58. septotomy
    incision into the (nasal) septum
  59. pneumonia
    diseased state of the lung (the infection and inflammation are caused by bacteria )
  60. sinusotomy
    incision of a sinus
  61. pneumoconiosis
    abnormal condition of dust in the lungs
  62. thoracocentesis
    • surgical puncture to aspirate fluid from the chest cavity
    • (also called thoracentesis)
  63. bronchiectasis
    dilation of the bronchi
  64. adenoiditis
    inflammation of the adenoids
  65. pulmonary neoplasm
    pertaining to (in) the lung, new growth (tumor)
  66. polysomnography (PSG)
    • process of recording many (tests) during sleep
    • performed to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea
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