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  1. Who is the Ultimate Authority?
    Medical Director
  2. Online and Offline Direction?
    • Online - Direct contact with Physician
    • Offline- Policies, Procedures and Practices
  3. Certification Vs. Licensure
    • Cert- Requirments met by a person
    • Lic- Occupational regulations
  4. QA vs QI
    • QA- Continuous Monitoring and measurments
    • QI- Refine and improve
  5. What are proper lifting procedure
    Palms up-exhale- push when you can
  6. Reason for BSI?
    Based on the assumption all blood and other fluids are infectious.
  7. PPE?
    Personnal protective quipment
  8. What is the best infection control?
    Hand washing
  9. Sterilizing and cleaning?
    • Cleaning- soap and water
    • Disinfecting- 1 part bleach to 100 parts water.... 1/4:1 Gal.
    • Sterilizing- Kill microgranism- auotclave
  10. 5 Stages of loss?
    • Denial
    • A nger
    • Barbaining
    • D epression
    • A cceptance
  11. Define Stress
    Non-specific mental or physical response to the body to any demand
  12. CISM who provides it
    Members of your peers- 11 components
  13. Whats the difference between empathy and sympathy?
    Empathy is understanding what the person is feeling. sympathy is sharing their feelings>
  14. Signs of right sided heart failure?
    Edema, swollen JVD
  15. Left sided heart failure?
    • difficulty breathing
    • wet lungs
  16. What starts electical conduction in the heart?
    SA node
  17. What is a very early sign of shock?
    a person being thirsty
  18. why would a person hit by a car still have a slow hr?
    They may be on a beta blocker.
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