Clinical Methods Test 1 Definitions

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  1. Paradigm
    Overall philosophy or viewpoint of treatment based on controlled and replicated research.
  2. Contingency
    • Interdependent relation between events or factors.
    • Two types of contingencies are 1. Genetic/Nerophysiologic and 2. Environmental
  3. Empirical Validity
    • Credibility or truthfulness of statements based on experimental research data
    • Evidence-Based Practice (Empirically based procedures)
    • Outcomes-Based Practice (Consequences)
    • Cause-Effect (Contingencies)
  4. Principle
    • Empirical rules that from which treatment procedures are derived.
    • Product of controlled experimental research.
    • Ideally replicable w/ a degree of generality.
    • One principle yields variety of procedures.
    • Broad/General
    • Abstract/Conceptual
  5. Procedures
    • Technical operations the clinician performs to cause changes in client's behavior.
    • Specific to disorder/client
    • Concrete, Practical, Measurable
  6. Objective
    target behaviors that are observable (can be seen, counted, defined) and has inter-observer agreement among different clinicians/scientists who observe or measure the same event.
  7. Replication
    Conducting repeated research to show that a given procedure works with different clients, settings, and clinicians.
  8. Generality
    Applicability of treatment procedures in a wide range of situations involving other clients and clinicians.
  9. Response Class
    Group of responses created by the same or functionally similar antecedent and consequence contingencies. (Not necessarily structurally similar responses)
  10. Antecedents
    Stimuli events that occur before responses
  11. Consequences
    Any event that follows a response and serves as reinforcement that increases a behavior's frequency or strength – the probability it will occur again under similar circumstances.
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