303 - Medical Terminology Old

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  1. Amenorrhea
    absence of menstruation during a reproductive age
  2. Analgesic
    pain killer
  3. Antibiotic
    drug use dto kill/slow down growth of bacteria
  4. Anti-inflammatory
    drug used to reduce inflammation/swelling
  5. Antipruritic
    drug used to stop the urge to itch
  6. Antipyretic
    drug used to reduce fever
  7. Arthritis
    disorder of inflammed joints
  8. Antitussive
    drug used to treat coughing
  9. Antispetic
    substance put on skin to reduce the change of infection
  10. "arthr/o"
    pertaining to the joints/limbs
  11. Arthralgia
    joint pain
  12. Alopecia
    hair loss
  13. Angioedema
    rapd swelling of the skin
  14. Anaphylaxis
    allergic reaction
  15. Adverse effect
    side effect (effect not wanted by the drug to treat)
  16. "algia"
  17. Aneurysm
    swelling of the wall of an artery/vein
  18. Anorexia
    poor appetite
  19. "blephar/o"
  20. Bronchitis
    inflammed bronchi (narrowing of the airways in the lung)
  21. Bradycardia
    slow heart rate
  22. Candidiasis of the mouth
    fungal/yeast infection of the mouth
  23. The prefix "chrondr"
  24. Constriction
  25. Corticosteroids
    steroid hormones normally made in the body
  26. 5 cc
    5mL, 1 teaspoon
  27. Contraindication
    a factor that serves as a reason to withold treatment
  28. Diagnosis
    process of identifying a patient's disease/disorder
  29. Diuretic
    drug that incrases the frequency of peeing
  30. Diuresis
    increased urine production
  31. Dose
    quantity of medicine
  32. Dispensing fee
    standard fee of preparing a drug product at a community pharmacy
  33. The prefix "dys"
  34. Dyspnea
    shortness of breath, difficulty breathing
  35. Emesis
    throwing up, vomiting
  36. Emollient
    moisturizer (cream that makes the skin softer)
  37. Endocarditis
    inflammation of the inner layer of the heart
  38. Edema
    fluid-filled swelling of the skin/body cavity
  39. Etiology
    the cause of a disorder/disease
  40. Exfoliate
    removal of dead skin cells from the face/body
  41. Erythema
    increased redness in the skin
  42. Flatulence
    passing gas/wind
  43. Gastrointestinal
    pertaining to the stomach and intestines
  44. Hypotensive
    abnormally low blood pressure
  45. Hydrophilic
    substance that is attracted to water
  46. Hygroscopic
    characteristic of a substance that takes up and retains moisture
  47. Humectant
    a hygroscopic (takes up and retains moisture) substance
  48. Hypoglycemia
    low blood glucose level
  49. Hyperglycemia
    high blood glucose level
  50. Hypertension
    high blood pressure
  51. Intravenously or IV
    infusion of a liquid drug directly into a vein
  52. Intramuscular or IM
    injection of a drug directly into muscle
  53. "itis"
  54. Inflammation
    swelling, may be itchy
  55. Keratolytic
    drug that thins the skin by clearing away dead skin
  56. Malaise
    feeling of discomfort or illness
  57. Mcg vs. Mg
    microgram (1x10^-6 grams) vs. milligram (1x10^-3 grams)
  58. Metastasis
    spread of a disease from one organ to another
  59. Morbidity
    illness, disease
  60. Mortality
    being susceptible to death
  61. "my/o"
  62. Myalgia
    muscle pain
  63. "nephr/o"
  64. "neur/o"
  65. Neuralgia
    pain in nerves
  66. Otitis media
    inflammation of the middle ear, may be an infection
  67. Occlusive
    air and water-tight dressing
  68. Osteoma
    benign bone tumor
  69. Orthostatic Hypotension
    head rush or dizzy spell experienced when getting up to stand
  70. OTC
    over the counter drug, doesn't require a prescription
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