Abn: ch.5

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  1. Anxiety:
    negative mood state characterized by bodily symptoms of physical tension and by apprehension about the future
  2. Fear:
    immediate alarm reaction to danger
  3. Panic:
    sudden overwhelming reaction
  4. Panic attack:
    • abrupt experience of intense fear or acute discomfort
    • symptoms include heart palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath, and dizziness
  5. 3 types of panic attacks:
    • situationally bound
    • unexpected
    • situationally predisposed
  6. Situationally bound panic attack (cued):
    • panic attack in certain situations but not anywhere else
    • common in specific phobias
  7. Unexpected (uncued) panic attacks:
    • person doesnt have a clue when or where the next attack will occur
    • common in panic disorders
  8. Situationally predisposed panic attack:
    • more likely to have an attack where yu have had one before
    • b/n the other two attacks
    • common in panic disorders
  9. Behavioral inhibition system (BIS):
    activated by signals from the brain stem of unexpected events, such as major changes in body functioning that might signal danger
  10. Triple vulnerability theory:
    theory of the development of anxiety and related disorders
  11. Generalized biological vulnerability:
    1st vulnerability;
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