Psych chapter 2

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  1. Behavioral genetics
    mixture of genes and environment, the resulting behavior

    - how hereditary and environment affects behavior and mental process
  2. Neuroscience
    looking at how biological processed relate to behavioral and mental processes
  3. Research methods for Neuroscience
    • - Twin studies
    • -Fraternal studies

    -Adoption studies

    -family studies

    • -Genetic abnormalities
    • -passing a defected chromosome
  4. How is info processed?
    Neurons, they send messages to the brain
  5. Glial Cell
    keep messages organized and protects them.
  6. Dendrites
    receive information from other neurons and sensory receptors

    2 ways: exciteary and inhalatory
  7. Axon
    carries neutrons message to other body cells
  8. Myelin sheath
    covers the axon of the some neurons to insulate and help speed neural impulses
  9. Neurons communicate 2 ways
    -action potential

    - chemical
  10. Polarized
    -sleeping node

    -positive out and negative in
  11. Depolarized
    -the node is at rest

    - the "gates" open up, and positive ions come in, changing the charge to negative
  12. Repolarized
    -it causes an imbalance of postive and negative charges, that the gates open up

    - gates open up, positives run out, thus coming back to polarized resting mode
  13. Neurotransmitters
    neurons that make it to the terminal buttons
  14. 2 mechanisms to keep cleft clean

  15. 2 types of drugs
    angonist and antagonist
  16. Hormonal comunication
    -slower than neural messages

    -long term functions of the body
  17. where do hormones come from?
  18. Endocrine system
    all the glands in ones body make the system.
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