Hon bio 2

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  1. Matter
    Anything that takes up space and has mass
  2. Elements
    substances that cannot be broken down to other substances by chemical means
  3. Smallest unit of Matter that retains the properties of an element is called an
  4. Proton (H+)
    found in the necules and carries a + charge
  5. Neutron
    Found in the necules and carries no charge
  6. Electron (e-)
    found around the outside of the atom, carries a - charge
  7. Max # of electrons on the outermost shell
  8. Molecule
    A group of 2 or more atoms held together by covalent bonds
  9. compound
    a substance that contains 2 or more elements into a fixed ratio
  10. Stability
    atoms want it , they need a full outer shell of electrons (valence)
  11. Ionic
    electrons are donated or receved by the strongest bond
  12. covalent
    electrons are shared
  13. Weaker bonding types
    • Hydrogen bonding
    • Van der Waals forces- weakest bonds
  14. Chemical symbols
    • H= hydrogen
    • O= Oxygen
    • N= Nitrogen
    • C= Carbon
    • S= Sulfer
    • P= Phosphorous
    • Fe= Iron
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