Anatomy & Physiology 1 Practical Study

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  1. Hypoglossal Canal
    Passage for cranial nerve XII
  2. External Auditory Canal
    Sound waves to enter ear
  3. Internal Auditory Canal
    Passage for cranial nerve VII and VIII
  4. Jugular Foramen
    Passage for jugular vein
  5. Carotid Canal
    Passage for carotid artery
  6. Optic Foramen
    Passage for cranial nerve II (optic nerve)
  7. Superior Orbital Fissures
    Passage for cranial nerve III and IV (oculomotor and trochlear nerve)
  8. Foramen Ovale
    Passage for cranial nerve V (trigeminal nerve)
  9. Foramen Spinosum
    Passage for meningeal artery
  10. Foramen Rotundum
    Passage for cranial nerve V (trigeminal nerve)
  11. Cribiform Plate (horizontal plate)
    Passage for olfactory nerve endings
  12. Mental Foramen
    Passage for blood vessels and nerves to chin and lower lip
  13. Mandibular Foramen
    Passage for nerves to bottom teeth
  14. Intervertebral Foramen
    Passage for spinal nerve to exit spinal column
  15. Transverse Foramina C1 - C7
    Passage of the vertebral arteries
  16. Sacral Foramina
    Passage for spinal nerve branches to exit
  17. Greater Sciatic Notch
    Passage of the sciatic nerve

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Anatomy Physiology Practical Study

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