Tissue Engineering - Lecture 4

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  1. (T/F) Liver diseases are difficult to study because they do not function in a 2D petri dish the way they do inside the body
  2. The scaffolding - which serves as a kind of living liver cell ______ - is connected to instruments that precisely control the flow of nutrients and other environmental factors.
  3. 2D cultures lack many characteristics of native _____, such as polarized phenotype, or lack of a large number of cell-cell contacts in lung constructs.
  4. 3d interstitial tissue matrix facilitates not only ____ cell migration toward an APC but also supports motility upon cell-cell interaction.
    T cell
  5. The 3D collagen matrix environment, because of its spacy architecture, provides traction for lymphocyte crawling, thereby mimicking some structural features of the lymph node cortex.
    Yay 3D.
  6. Which one of the following shows the significance of dimensions?

    2D islands of epithelial cells treated with HGF spread into individual cells.

    2D monolayer of cells treated with HGF lose their polarity

    Epithelial cells that form cysts in 3D form branching tubules when treated with HGF.
    All of the above. This shows the significance of 3D.

    Image Upload
  7. What are two reasons why 3D cultures are better at resembling in vivo focusing on the limitations of being in 2D.
    2D cultures experience unnatural anisotropic external cues of the artificial support

    In 2D cultures, the suppose is far more rigid than the naturally occurring ECM
  8. What are 3 reasons why 3D cultures are better at resembling in vivo focusing on the 3D?
    In 3D cultures, the cells are able to migrate with the ECM in all dimensions

    Cells grown in 3D are more resistant to apoptosis

    Proteins secreted by cells can better interact with and be organized by the 3D surrounding ECM and influence cell behavior.
  9. What are five basic elements of combinational 3D biology?
    • Architectural "design of experiments"
    • Cell printer - "printing machine"
    • Cells/bio-molecules/"ink"
    • Thermo/photosensitive gel scaffold paper
    • Prefab screens or mesehes
  10. What is a method to test for chemotaxis?
    • Radiolabeling
    • Movement of cells when there is a chemical gradient present
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