skeletal muscles/movement

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  1. individual myofiber
    causes skeletal muscle contraction
  2. endomysium
    surrounds and protects myofibers
  3. perimysium
    covers the fascicles
  4. epimysium
    binds the fascicles together
  5. fascicle
    bundles of myofibers
  6. motor nerve axon
    carries nerve impulse to axon terminal
  7. motor end plate
    (axon terminal): contains synaptic end bulbs
  8. synaptic end bulb
    stores and releases AcH
  9. meissners corpuscle
    • found in fingertips, soles of feet and palms.
    • touch receptor
  10. skeletal muscle
    • attached to one by a tendon
    • move the skeleton
    • long, many nuclei, striated, voluntary
  11. cardiac muscle
    • heart
    • pumps blood throughout the body
    • branched, one nulceus, intercalated discs, striated involuntary
  12. smooth muscle
    • found in hollow viscera (digestive) and walls of the airway
    • involuntary, one centrally positioned nucleus
  13. function of skeletal muscle
    producing body movement stablalize body position, storing substances, and producing heat
  14. protien in a myofiber
    • contractive: myosin and actin
    • regulatory: trolomyosin and troponin
    • strucural: titin
  15. orgin
    stays stationary
  16. insertion
    bone moves
  17. flex
    • decrease angle of joint
    • forarm moves up
  18. extend
    • increase angle of joint
    • move forearm down
  19. hyerextend
    increase angle joint beyond normal position
  20. abduct
    • move away from midline
    • spread apart
  21. adduct
    • move appendage toward midline
    • move together
  22. circumduct
    move in a circle
  23. rotate
  24. elevate
  25. depress
  26. protract
    move forward
  27. retract
    move backward
  28. pronate
    palm downward
  29. supinate
    palm upward
  30. invert
    soles inward ()
  31. evert
    • soles outward
    • )(
  32. plantarflex
    point toes down
  33. dorsiflex
    point toes up
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