Ch.3 Vocab

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  1. the smallest particle that can still be considered an element
  2. a substance that cannot be broken down into any other substance by physical or chemical means
  3. an atom; are those electrons that have the highest energy
    valence electrons
  4. includes the symbol for the element surrounded by dots
    electron dot diagram
  5. the force of attraction that holds atoms together as a result of the rearrangement of electrons between them
    chemical bond
  6. an atom or group of atoms that has an electric charge
  7. ions that are made of more than one atom
    polyatomic ions
  8. the attraction between two oppositley charged ions
    ionic bond
  9. resulting compound
    ionic compound
  10. a group of symbols that shows the ratio of elements in a compound
    chemical formula
  11. tells the ratio of elements in a compound
  12. the ions form an orderly, three-dimensial arrangement
  13. the chemical bond formed when 2 atoms share electrons
    covalent bond
  14. a neutral group of atoms joined by covalent bonds
  15. 2 atoms share 2 pairs of electrons
    double bond
  16. 3 atoms share 3 pairs of electrons
    triple bond
  17. a compuond that is made up of molecules
    molecular compound
  18. a covalent bond in which electrons are shared equally
    nonpolar bond
  19. a covalent bond in which electrons are shared unequally
    polar bond
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