ADT Exam 1

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  1. Advantages of Nasal drug delivery
    • fast absorption and rapid onset
    • avoids first pass
    • easy administration
    • controlled drug delivery
  2. Systemic drugs must be delivered to
    mid and upper turbinates
  3. Three barriers to nasal absorption
    • physical barrier: mucus and epithelium
    • temporal barrier: mucociliary clearance
    • Enzymatic barrier: drug degradation
  4. zona occludens
    restricts movement of large particles between cells
  5. Nasal absorption decreases with
    increased ionization
  6. Optimal absorption of lipophilic drugs
    above 300 buffered partition coefficient
  7. Drug absorption decreases as particle size/molecular weight
  8. Strategies to enhance nasal drug delivery
    • co administration with an enzyme inhibitor
    • bioadhesive systems
    • prodrugs
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