Random Vocab Oct. 10

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  1. cachet
    a seal used especially as a mark of official approval
  2. supercilious
    • coolly and patronizingly haughty
    • (supercilium is Latin for eyebrow)
  3. sycophant
    a servile self seeking flatterer
  4. hallow
    • 1. to make holy
    • 2. to respect greatly
  5. emaciate
    • 1. intra- to waste away physically
    • 2. tran- to make feeble
  6. visage
    face or appearance of a person
  7. albedo
    reflective power
  8. ire
  9. pantheism
    toleration of worship of all gods
  10. sojourn
    a temporary stay
  11. interstice
    • a space that intervenes between things (interstices of a brick wall)
    • a short space of time between events
  12. nostrum
    a usually questionable remedy
  13. parsimonious
  14. efficacy
  15. scruple
    moral or ethical consideration that acts as a restraining force or inhibits certain actions; qualm
  16. lofty
    • elevated in character and spirit
    • supercilious; haughty
  17. yoke
    a wooden bar or frame by which two draft animals are joined at the heads/necks to work together
  18. mujahideen
    Islamic guerrilla fighters, especially in the Middle East
  19. octogenarian
    someone who is in their eighties
  20. vigesimal
    based on the number 20
  21. languish
    to be or become feeble, week, enervated
  22. ameliorate
    to make better or more tolerable
  23. stymie
    • to present an obstacle to
    • NOT STUN
  24. visceral
    • felt in or as if in the internal organs of the body
    • instinctive, unreasoning
  25. commiserate
    to feel or express sympathy
  26. masticate
    • chew
    • to soften or reduce to pulp by crushing or kneading
  27. denigrate
    • to attack the reputation of; defame
    • to deny or attack the importance or validity of; belittle
  28. limn
    • to describe
    • to delineate
  29. arbiter
    • judge
    • someone whose opinion is considered authoritative
  30. ensconce
    • to shelter, conceal
    • to establish, settle
  31. chagrin
    disquietude or distress of the mind caused by humiliation, disappointment or failure
  32. dossier
    a file containing detailed records on a particular subject or person
  33. dole
    • a giving or distribution of food, money, or clothing to the needy
    • a grant of government funds to the unemployed
  34. dirk
    a long straight-edged dagger
  35. pontificate
    to speak or express opinions in a pompous or dogmatic way
  36. ribald
    • crude, offensive
    • characterized by or using coarse indecent humor
  37. ebullience
  38. accolade
  39. consternation
    amazement or dismay that hinders or throws into confusion
  40. perfidy
    the quality or state of being faithless or disloyal
  41. umbrage
    offence (take umbrage/offence to)
  42. candor
    • whiteness, brilliance
    • freedom from prejudice or malice
    • forthrightness
  43. maudlin
    • drunk enough to be emotionally silly
    • weakly and effusively sentimental
  44. pernicious
    highly injurious or destructive; deadly
  45. supine
    lying on the back or with the face upward
  46. banal
    lacking originality; trite
  47. facsimile
    an exact copy
  48. morass
    • marsh, swamp
    • a situation that traps, confuses or impedes
  49. aerie
    • the nest of a bird on a cliff or mountaintop
    • an elevated often secluded dwelling, structure or position
  50. inundate
    • overwhelm
    • flood
  51. endemic
  52. genteel
    • stylish
    • polite
  53. glib
    • nonchalant
    • offhand
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