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  1. What 2 countries does North America include?
    • the US
    • Canada
  2. What river is the border between North and Middle America?
    The Rio Grande
  3. What are the 4 largest contries in the world in size?
    • Russia
    • Canada
    • China
    • United States
  4. Which continent has 2 of the largest contries in the world?
    North America
  5. What continent is isolated from the rest of the world?
    North and South America
  6. when was the first reliable census taken in America?
  7. How many people were in the country in 1800?
    5 million
  8. How many people live in the state of Indiana now?
    7 million
  9. What people group did they not count many of when they did the American census?
  10. If we didn't come up with 300 million people by reproduction how did we get there?
  11. When was the most significant period of immigration in America?
  12. How many Europeans came to America during the period of immigration?
    50 million
  13. How many different nations immigrated to America?
    • Chinese
    • Africans
    • Vietnamese
    • Koreans
    • Filipinos
  14. what is the saying about immigration in America?
    "America was uilt on the back of immegrants"
  15. where is the 2nd largest population of Irish next to Dublin Ireland?
  16. where is the 2nd largest population of Polish people next to Warsaw Poland?
  17. when did a lot of Koreans immigrate to America?
    after the Korean war
  18. What is another name for going to Mexico?
    going "South of the Border"
  19. what are the 3 largest minorities in order from greatest to smallest?
    • Hispanic
    • African Americans
    • Asians
  20. what will those 3 largest minorities groups in America become before we die?
    • the majority
    • 52% of population
  21. What is the official language of the US?
    there isn't one
  22. what worries some people about the America's national language?
    the fact that there is none
  23. what is a centrifugal force in America right now?
    the fact that we have no common ethnicity or background
  24. what is the centriptal force in America?
    • our view on the issues
    • our constitution, ammendments, and other values
  25. When was the revolutionary war in America?
  26. What was our first form of government?
    Articles of Confederation (1784)
  27. how many presidents did we have before the Constitution?
    6 presidents
  28. What was our second and lastion form of government?
    the Constitution
  29. What is the idea called that God wanted us to control the land from coast to coast?
    Manifest Destiny
  30. What was Seward's Folly?
    the purchase of Alaska
  31. How much of Mexico did we take when we fought them?
    half of it but some felt we should have taken it all
  32. What land did we take because fo Manifest Destiny?
    • Louisiana Purchase
    • Mexican American war
    • Seward's Folly
    • Hawaii
    • Guam, Wake Island, Philippine Islands
  33. most large countries have what form of government?
    a federal system
  34. all 3 of our capitals have been in what area of America?
    the East Coast
  35. what is a big component of the federal system?
    local autonomy (states' rights)
  36. What kind of society do we Americans have?
    pluralistic society
  37. What do we have a lot of in America?
    natural resources
  38. What valuable resource does Canada have?
    most of the world's strategic minerals
  39. How much of America's fossil fuels used to come from the outside?
  40. How much natural resources does America get from the outside now?
  41. What is Humus?
    partially decomposed organic matter
  42. what 2 climate features does America have that are condusive to producing humus?
    • Middle latitude
    • 4 seasons
  43. How is humus created?
    • leaves fall and begin to break apart
    • bacteria grows on the ground
    • winter comes and kills the bacteria
  44. What is America known as to the rest of the world?
    "breadbasket" to the rest of the world
  45. What is pretty characteristic of the American people?
    pretty hard and skilled workers
  46. America stressed education all the time even when what?
    the west was being settled
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