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  1. Define Drama
    To do or act
  2. Define Buisness
    The detailed characteristics that help define the scene and character
  3. Define Theatre Arts
    The termt to cover all parts of training and instruction in the feild of theatre
  4. Define Character
    The personality an actor portrays in a scene that is diffrent from his own personality
  5. Define Theatre
    The writing and performing of plays as well as the formal artform
  6. Define Player Audience Relationship
    The interactive and live relationship between the audience and performers
  7. Define Ensemble
    A group of people working cooperativley together
  8. Define Observation
    making a consious effort to see and understand what is happening on stage and around you
  9. Define Control
    To be in command of oneself and the situation
  10. Name Acting Positions
    Full Front, Profile/ 1/2 Turn, Full Back
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