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  1. Operating-system service provie functions that are helpful to the user
    • User interface, CLI,GUI,BATCH
    • Program execution - able to load a program into memory and to run that program and execution
    • IO operations - may involve a file or an io device
    • File-system manipulation - read and write file and directories, creation and delete them
    • Communication - exchange information, both same and different computer over network ( shaare memory, packets moved by the os)
    • Error detection - constantly aware of possible error ( cpu and memory hardware)
  2. OS functions exists of ensuring the efficient operation of the sys
    • Resource allocation
    • accounting - to keep track of which users use how much and what kinds of computer resources
    • protection and security - to protect the owners of information
  3. CLI - command line interpreter
    • allows direct command entry
    • -inplemented in kernel
    • -primarily fetches a command from user and executes it
  4. GUI
    • user friendly desktop interface
    • - mouse keyboard
    • -icons represent files, program, actions
  5. System calls
    • programming interface to the services provided by the OS
    • high level language C or C++
    • access by API
    • e.g process control, file management, device management, informations maintenance, communication
  6. APIs rather than system call?
    • system calls are detailed and more difficult to work with
    • using apis can allow programs to complie and run on other system
  7. e.g of API
    BOOL ReadFile c (HANDLE file, LPVIOD buffer...);
    return value + function name + parameters
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