Americas 10/11/11

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  1. How many physical regions of North America are there?
  2. Which physical region is only 10 feet above sea level?
    Guld Atlantic Coastal Plain
  3. What area would have to melt for the entire Gulf Atlantic Coastal Plain to be underwater?
  4. What physical region goes up the Mississippi and also points up to New York?
    The Gulf Atlantic Coastal Plain
  5. What agricultural products do the Gulf Atlantic Coastal Plain produce?
    • Citrus
    • Rice
    • Cotton
    • Sugar
    • Nuts
  6. Where in the Gulf Atlantic Coastal Region do they have cattle and horses?
  7. What important industries do the Gulf Atlantic Coastal Plains have?
    • agriculture
    • cattle and horses
    • shipping
    • military
    • space
    • oil
    • vacationing
  8. where are there huge coastal ports?
    New Orleans and Flordia
  9. Where are a lot of commercial goods sent to from Florida?
  10. What industry does Brunswick, Georgia have?
    huge container ships
  11. In what state are there 5 military bases alone?
  12. What two cities are huge for the space industry?
    • Houston, Texas
    • Cape Kennedy, Florida
  13. What 2 components of the oil industry are there?
    • off shore oil
    • refineries
  14. What 2 cities have large oil refineries?
    • Galveston, Texas
    • Houston, Texas
  15. What is a big city for military in the Gulf Atlantic Coastal Plain?
    Jacksonville, Florida
  16. What 2 cities in Florida are big port cities?
    • Jacksonville
    • Miami
  17. what are names for senior citizens who move to warmer weather for the winter?
  18. snowbirds from what area are all along the western coast of Florida?
    • New Englanders
    • New Yorkers
  19. snowbirds from what area are all along the Western coast of Florida?
  20. What physical region goes very close to the coast from Georgia and points to New York City?
  21. What famous city in Georgia is part of Piedmont?
  22. what is the change in elevation in the Piedmont?
  23. Why is the Piedmont histoically important?
    • 3 of our nation's capitals have been there
    • Washington DC, Philadelphia
  24. how many US presidents came from Virginia?
  25. where is most of our tobacco being shipped to?
    • Europe
    • Asia
  26. What interesting places have huge endowments from the tobacco industry?
    • major colleges
    • Duke, Ferman
  27. Where do we get great furniture from?
    • Pennsylvania Dutch
    • Lancaster
  28. Where is the place to vacation in the Piedmont?
    the Blue Ridge Parkway
  29. Where does the Blue Ridge Parkway extend to?
    from Georgia to Pennsylvania
  30. What are the main industries of the Piedmont?
    • Tobacco
    • great furniture
    • vacationing
  31. the Appalachian mountains stretch across where?
    • Canada
    • America
  32. How high can the Appalchian mountains get?
    5-6,000 ft
  33. what is an indicator that the Appalachian's aren't very tall mountains?
    • they only reach 5-6,000ft
    • the can't even get over the tree line
  34. What other mountain range are the Appalachians similar to?
    the Ural mountains
  35. What made the Appalachian's famous?
    black gold
  36. what is black gold?
  37. Where was coal first discovered?
    Titusville, Pennsylvania
  38. where was iron and steel started?
  39. What did they start calling Pittsburgh and other coal cities when they went downhill?
    the rust belt
  40. What area in north Appalacia did Jewish New Yorkers vacation?
    the catskills
  41. what does the TVA stand for?
    Tennessee Valley Authority
  42. who started making cheap industry with lots of dams?
    the TVA
  43. what family is changing West Virginia?
  44. before the TVA stepped in what are of Appalachia used to be really poor?
    the Southern end
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