management – quiz #3

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  1. minimum data set
    • data collected on residence in skilled nursing facilities
    • helps to determine reimbursement rates for physical therapy services covered by Medicare part A
  2. RUGS
    resource utilization groups – classification systems based on intensity/complexity of rehab services
  3. minimum data set – facts
    • impacts entire inner discipline Neri team and also data from patient to improve care quality
    • MDS completed initially and periodically then must be transmitted to federal repository within 14 days
    • determines reimbursement within skilled nursing facilities
    • 90% of Medicare part a days of service in skilled nursing facilities include physical therapy
  4. physical therapy role in MDS assessment
    • record therapy minutes on a daily basis and no individual versus group
    • complete ADL assessments on NDS
    • already have disciplines contribute to rehab group categorization process – NDS entry fields a rug classification
  5. ADL status recorded on NDS form
    • ADL codes our bed mobility, transfer, toilet use, eating
    • rule of threes apply – ADLs must have occurred at least three times over a seven-day period
    • score ADL on scal of 0 (independence) to 4 ( total dependence)
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skilled nursing reimbursement notes

skilled nursing reimbursement notes
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