S&C Chapter 19

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  1. what does periodization strategy promote?
    • -long term training and perfomance improvements
    • -pre planned systematic variations
    • -organized in cycles and periods within overall program
  2. What is general adaptation syndrome?
    What are the phases are in GAS?
    This is the manner is which our body reacts to stress.

    Alarm/shock - resistance - exhaustion
  3. Whate are the different cycles involved in perodization?
    • Microcycle is a week to 4 weeks
    • Mesocycles is several weeks to months
    • Macrocycle is period of many months to four years
  4. The first Period of Periodization is the ____ Period and the three phases of it are...
    • Preperatory!
    • Hypertrophy/Endurance Phase - Basic Strength Phase - Strength/power phase
  5. The preparatory period is the initial period and it is the ____, done during _ competitions, and limited number of sport specific activities.
    What is the major emphasis of this period?
    • Longest No
    • -estab a base level of conditioning to increse athletes tolerance for more intense training
  6. Prep 1 Phase has what kind of volume? lowest intensity? Lasts how many weeks? Establish what adaptations?? And there is a progression of what??
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