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  1. ........ was a kingdom located in the ......... of Egypt
    • Nubia
    • South
  2. Some archaeologists believe that civilization emerged here about ............ B.C.
  3. Name two things that archeologists found that led them to believe that this civilization lived here.
    Pots and Pottery
  4. What was different about the geography of Nubia and Egypt?
    Nubia had tall granted cliffs.
  5. Did the Nubians develop their own culture?
  6. Did the Nubians and Egyptians borrow from each other's culture?
    Yes, trade
  7. Why did the Nubians have to use sturdier farming tools than the Egyptians?
    Because the Nubians had rocky soil dirt.
  8. What the was the name of the written language of the Nubians?
  9. What was the Nubian language Merotic named after?
    It was named after Meroe, the Capital City
  10. N for Nubians, E for Egyptians and B for both

    Polytheistic ........

    Built Pyramids ........

    Believed in the afterlife ............
    • B
    • B
    • B
  11. Nubia was rich in resources. This is why the Egyptians invaded them. List the goods that Egypt relied on getting from Nubia.
    Gold, Ivory, Cattle, Ostrich feathers and granted
  12. Why did the Egyptians establish trading centers and forts in Nubia?
    To protect trade routes in Nubia
  13. Who was ruling Egypt when Kush became independent about 1650 B.C.?
  14. What does independent mean?
  15. What New Kingdom pharaoh retook Nubia in the 1400's?
    Thutmose III
  16. Why was Nubia able to regain its independence?
    Egypt was getting weaker
  17. By 750 B.C. King ............ of Kush had conquered ....... Egypt. His son ....... conquered the rest of Egypt. ....... kings then became pharaohs of Egypt.
    • Kashta
    • upper
    • Piankhi
    • Kushite
  18. The Kushite kings completed many building projects during their reign. Soon invaders challenged them. Where did the invaders come from?
  19. Where did the Kushites move when the Assyrians attacked them in 670 B.C.?
    They moved South to their capital at Nopata.
  20. Why were there so many invasions of Egypt and Nubia over the years?
    Because the people of Egypt and Nubia were in search of resources.
  21. What valuable resource did the Kushites have in Meroe?
    Why was it valuable to traders from other lands?
    Why were the Egyptians not interested in this resource?
    • Iron.
    • Because they could use it for weapons and tools.
    • The Egyptians were not importing because of the bronze tools.
  22. Name an important Kushite Queen.
    Why did she lead her people into battle against the Romans in the first century B.C.?
    • Amanirenas
    • Because she imposed taxes on her people.
  23. What skill did the Nubians have that made them valuable to the Egyptians in battle?
    They trade iron weapons.
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