CISSP - Networks, Access Methods, Transmissions, and Devices

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  1. A _________ is the simplest device for connectivity. It enables a network to extend by repeating
    and amplifying electric signals between different cable lengths. _____ work at the physical
    layer in the OSI model.
  2. ________ are used to connect different LAN segments. They work at the data link layer of the OSI
    model. A _______ verifies the media access control (MAC) address of an approaching signal to
    confirm whether the destination computer is on that specific network segment
  3. _____ function at the network layer of an OSI model. These are used to connect different
    networks. A _____ can look at the destination IP address of a data packet and use a routing
    table to forward it to the appropriate destination
  4. _____ are similar to bridges in their function. They operate at the data link layer and forward
    data packets based on the MAC address. Unlike a bridge, a ____ uses hardware in the form of
    a circuit to ____ data directly to the destination computer or network.
  5. A _______ functions at the application layer of the OSI model and, therefore, performs much more complex tasks than a router or a bridge. Routers are used to connect two different environments or topologies.
  6. ______ are multiport networking devices that are used to connect private data over public
    data circuits. These ___function at the data link layer of the OSI model
  7. WAN switches
  8. A _______is used to send several transmission streams simultaneously, over one physical circuit. It is also used to split a received stream into component parts
  9. An ____ _______acts as a concentration point and provides dial-in and dial-out connection from the internal network
    access server
  10. ______s enable transmission of data over voice grade telephone lines by translating analog signals into digital form and converting it back into a digital signal at the destination point
  11. ____ _______ _____ are used to connect a LAN to a WAN. A CSU provides a digital interface to data terminal equipment (DTE) and a physical interface to the data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) device.
    Channel service units (CSUs)
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Networks, Access Methods, Transmissions, and Devices
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