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  1. RVT
    registered veterinary technician
  2. CVT
    certified veterinary technician
  3. LVT
    licensed veterinary technician
  4. DVM
    doctor of veterinary medicine
  5. VMD
    veterinary medical doctor
  6. OJT
    on the job trained
  7. VA
    veterinary asst
  8. Barrow
    castrated male porcine
  9. boar
    male porcine
  10. Steer
    castrated male bovine
  11. Bull
    male bovine
  12. Cow
    female bovine that has given birth
  13. Heifer
    female bovine that has never been pregnant
  14. current name of the first refereed journal for veterinary technicians
    The Veterinary Technician
  15. the first specialty certification available for veterinary technicians
    emergency and critical care
  16. abdominal
    pertaining to the abdomen
  17. Abdominocentesis
    tapping or puncturing of the abdomen to remove fluid
  18. Aneurysm
    abnormal ballooning out of a blood vessel at a weak point
  19. anomaly
    irregularity in structure of an organ or part
  20. apnea
    temporary cessation of breathing
  21. bradycardia
    abnormally slow heartbeat
  22. Arteriosclerosis
    hardening of the arteries
  23. bradypnea
    abnormally slow breathing
  24. arteriospasm
    arterial spasm
  25. Cardiocentesis
    surgical puncture of a heart chamber
  26. Cholecystectomy
    surgical removal of the gallbladder
  27. Cholecystitis
    inflammation of the gallbladder
  28. Cholelithotomy
    surgical incision into the gallbladder
  29. cryptorchidism
    where the testicles dont descend and hide
  30. Cystitis
    inflammation of the bladder
  31. Cystocele
    herniation of the bladder
  32. Cystotomy
    surgical incision of the bladder
  33. Dyspepsia
    pain or pain digestion
  34. Dyspnea
    painful/difficult breahing
  35. Hematologist
    one who specializes in science of blood
  36. Hemolysis
    dissolution of red blood cells
  37. Hernia
    protrusion of an organ through the cavity that usally contains it
  38. Hydrocephalus
    an increased amt of water in the head
  39. Hysteropexy
    surgical fixation of the uterus
  40. Kinesiology
    study of movement
  41. Lithotomy
    surgical incision for the removal of a stone
  42. Myosclerosis
    hardening of the muscle tissue
  43. Nephrolith
    kidney stone
  44. Nephroptosis
    sagging of the kidney from its normal position
  45. Neurofibroma
    a tumor containing fibrous connective tissue and nerve tissue
  46. Neurolysis
    distruction of nerve tissue
  47. Orchidectomy
    surgical removal of the testes
  48. otitis
    ear pain
  49. Pyelitis
    inflammation of the renal pelvis
  50. Pyogenic
    pus producing
  51. Rhinitis
    inflammation of the nose
  52. Tachycardia
    abnormally fast hearbeat
  53. Thoracocentesis
    surgical tapping of the chest cavity to remove fluids
  54. Ureterotomy
    surgical incision into the ureter
  55. What are the main differences between human and veterinary medical practices
    • 1) insurance
    • 2) building and equipment
  56. what 3 things influence VT salaries
    • location
    • type and size of practice
    • utilization of VT
  57. where else can VT be utilized other than private practices
    • instructor in VT programs
    • health technologist for zoo
    • staff supervisors
  58. colic
    pertaining to the colon
  59. Enteroclysis
    washing or irrigation of the small intestines
  60. Enterotoxin
    poisoning of the small intestines
  61. Gastrectasia
    dialation of the stomach
  62. Gastrorrhagia
    hemorrage of the stomach
  63. Hepatitis
    inflammation of the liver
  64. protoscopy
    examination of the rectum and anus
  65. Stomatorrhagia
    hemorrage of the mouth
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