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  1. incumbent
    a person who holds an office or position, required as a duty
  2. recumbent
  3. succumb
    to yield, to give in or give up
  4. hypochondria
    a psychological disorder where one believes he is ill
  5. hypothesis
    a theory that leads to further investigation for proof or disproof, an assumption
  6. cataclysm
    a disaster on such a large scale that biological, environmental, or cultural elements are changed permanently
  7. catapult
    an ancient device used to throw missiles, a modern device used to launch aircraft from a ship
  8. subjective
    concentrating on the self, relating to personal experiences rather than facts
  9. sublimate
    to turn aside an instinctual, impulse in favor of a more socially acceptable activity
  10. suborn
    to induce a person in secret to commit a crime, to induce someone to lie
  11. subterfuge
    a device or evasion to hide or avoid something, or to escape an outcome
  12. verisimilitude
    a thing or a quality that appears true or real
  13. verity
    the condition of being true, a belief, or principle expressing basic human truth
  14. aver
    to affirm
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