Respiratory system

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  1. Vestibule
    Nasal cavity superior to the nares
  2. Vibrissae
    hairs that filter coarse particles from inspired air
  3. Olfactory mucosa
    • -Lines the superior nasal cavity
    • - Contains smell receptors
  4. Respiratory mucosa
    • - Lines the balance of the nasal cavity
    • -Glands secrete mucus containing lysozyme and defensins to help destroy bacteria
  5. Inspired air is:
    • 1)Humidified by the high water content in the nasal cavity
    • 2)Warmed by rich plexuses of capillaries

    - Ciliated mucosal cells remove contaminated mucus
  6. Superior, medial, and inferior conchae
    • -medially from the lateral walls
    • -Increase mucosal area
    • -Enhance air turbulence and help filter air
  7. Superior, medial, and inferior conchae..
    Sensitive mucosa triggers sneezing when stimulated by irritating particles
  8. During inhalation the conchae and nasal mucosa
    Filter, heat, and moisten air
  9. During exhalation these structures:
    Reclaim heat and moisture
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