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  1. Contralateral
    where one side of your brain controls the opposite side of your body
  2. Effects of split brain
    • delay of communication
    • might help to avoid chronic seizures
    • delay in function (tying shoes)
  3. Hindbrain
    • brain stem
    • medulla oblongatta
    • Pons
  4. Midbrain
    • Reticular formation
    • RAS
    • Reticular Act system
  5. Forebrain
    • Thalamus
    • hypothalamus
    • Amygdala
    • Hippocampus
  6. Limbic system
    • memory
    • drives
    • amygdala pituitary gland hypothalamus hippocampus
  7. CAT scan
    • good for looking inside the brain
    • sophisticated 3D X-ray
  8. MRI scan
    • good for looking inside the brain
    • measures density and location of brain material
  9. EEG
    • good for looking at brain function
    • detects brain waves at different stages of consciousness
    • good for looking at dreams and detecting abnormalities
  10. PET scan
    • good for looking at brain function
    • shows activity in the brain with radioactive glucose
  11. FMRI
    • good for looking at brain function
    • ties brain activity and blood flow during some kind of cognitive task
    • very costly

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