Theology Quiz 2

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  1. Explain the form of Paul's letters
    Dated by who is ruling.

    From and to just like the outside of the envelope.

    Some sort of with for your health “Grace and Peace”

    • Giving thanks.
    • The body of the letter.

    Then the closing
  2. Paul will include something called _____ before the closing.
  3. Explain parenesis
    a rallying cry. Urging them to fight on.
  4. Paul’s letter’s are long because...
    they have to stand for his presence.
  5. How are Paul's letters meant to be expressed?
  6. They will be read out loud, not copied over, at least for a long time.
  7. __________ ________ are noted in Paul’s writing that would have been learned in his education.
    Rhetorical exercises
  8. Letters of Paul are organized in the Bible
    longest to shortest
  9. How does Paul organize his criticisms?
    Paul starts out with praise before he gets into the meat of things.
  10. 4 general things about Paul's teachings
    1)Paul’s letters don’t tell us very much about the Earthly Jesus

    2)Focuses on resurrection, how to live our lives today

    3)Calls his preaching gospel

    4)Paul "good news Christ is risen"
  11. 5 general things about Paul
    1)Leather worker (tent maker)

    2)Originally persecuted those that followed Christ and believed in the resurrection

    3)Born Roman citizen of good status and education

    4)Did not spend time with earthly Jesus

    5)Phariseean instruction
  12. Was Paul an apostle?
    Paul is not one of the original 12 Apostles
  13. What conflict does Paul face after Christ appears to him?
    that Christ was both a criminal and the Messiah
  14. Does Paul charge for his message?
    He charges nothing for his message. Any money goes to church in Jeruselem.
  15. 3 things that generally describe Paul's ministry
    1)Insists that the resurrection is now the core of his passion

    2)Feels a time imperative to get message out.

    3)Wants all involved Jew and Gentile
  16. Differ Acts from Paul's letters (3)
    1)Acts is overarching vs Paul’s letters that tells the day to day nitty gritty

    2)There is more info on Paul in Acts than from his letters

    • 3)Acts-conflict comes from outside the church, church grows peacefully
    • Broad prospective
  17. Jeruselem Conference

    Could there have been more than one?

    Why two letters?
    There may have been more than one. Paul was only there for one.
  18. When was Paul's calling?
    A.D. 32/33
  19. Does Paul convert to Christianity?
    No, remains a Jew comes to accept Jesus savior
  20. When was Paul in Damascus?

    How do we know when?
    32-35/36 Aretas was king Paul was in Damascus and got in trouble under Aretas’ governor of Damascus
  21. When do we think Jeruselem Conference was?

    How long did it last?

    14 days
  22. When was Paul in Antioch and what did he do there?
    35/36 – 49 speaking to jews and gentiles
  23. When was Paul in Corrinth?

    What happened there and how do we date his visit?

    goes on trial before a a Roman governor Gallio

    Gallio inscription is how we know date
  24. When does Paul settle in Ephesus?
  25. Writes to Rome while in Corinth announcing what?
    that he will go to Rome after Jerusalem
  26. Jerusalem Collection
    What was it and when did Paul do it?
    56 – money he gathered from his followers to gain acceptance from the church at Jerusalem
  27. When was Paul's Caesarean imprisonment?
  28. When was Paul in Rome?

    What happened there?

    What was different about his letter to Rome?
    Rome 58-64

    likely martyrdom under Nero

    On house arrest in Rome, but very successful there.

    Rome is the only place he writes to without having visited first.
  29. Letters that definitely aren't Paul's (5)

    1 Tim

    2 Tim


  30. Letters that probably aren't Paul's (2)
    2 Thesalonians

  31. Paul's seven undisputed letters
    • Romans 1
    • Romans 2
    • 1 Corinthians
    • Galatians
    • Philippians
    • 1 Thessalonians
    • Philemon.
  32. 1 Thessalonians Who?
    Paul (Silas Silvanus and Timothy)-Traveled with Paul through Thessaloniki. Tim may have carried this letter back.
  33. 1 Thessalonians Where?
    Paul in Corinth Capital of Achaia

    Macedonia top of Greece, Achaia at bottom
  34. 1 Thessalonians To?
    To the ekklesia (congregation, church) of the Thessalonians;
  35. 1 Thessalonians When?
    A.D.49- 50(1)
  36. 1 Thessalonians Why?
    Resurrection and Return

    How to live between them, what about death and those that have already died? Love – Linchpin between ethics and theology
  37. 1 Corinthians

    Archaeology difficult because?
    there was an earthquake shortly after the time Paul was there
  38. Why could no more than 60 followers be in Corinth?
    Couldn’t have fit more than 60 people in the largest of houses
  39. Key distinction of 1 Corrinthians
    First time he links a local church with the whole Church
  40. 1 Corinthians Who
    Paul (Sosthenes- a synagogue leader in Corinth)
  41. 1 Corinthians To?
    To the congregation (of God) in Corinth
  42. 1 Corinthians Where?
    Paul in Ephesus
  43. 1 Corinthians Why?
    What Christian faith and life are like Philosophy, cult? Benefits? How does it work?

    Factions and disputes- They are lining up by who Baptized them There were many different factions that are fighting and it is reported by Chloe brings out that all are brothers in Christ, their differences nothing in the sight of God
  44. 1 Corinthians When?
    53-54 (between 51-55) Paul leaves Corinth around 51
  45. In 1 Corinthians, Paul wants them to consider these problems/division
    in light of the cross and resurrection
  46. In 1 Corinthians how does Paul make his points?
    Compares and contrasts the wisdom of God to the wisdom of man
  47. Galatians Who?
    Paul (and all those with him)
  48. Galatians To?
    To the congregations of Galatia
  49. Galatians When?
  50. Galatians Why? (3)
    Christian faith and Torah

    1. Paul proves argument from Proofs from Scripture (Abraham, Moses) and Experience (Spirit, Baptism)

    2. Nothing can equal faith in Christ, Torah does not bring salvation, Christ does

    3. Yet faith is lived out in loving response to the loving God
  51. What is different about Paul's letter to Galations?

    2)They are scolded instead of Thanksgiving.

    3)Lots of Paul on Paul, the most in his letters.
  52. Galatians Where?
  53. Paul goes all the way back to Abraham because
    he was an uncircumcised Jew that was righteous by faith not Torah
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