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  1. What is the function of TFIID?
    TFIID is a general transcription factor that recongnizes the TATA box. TFIID is comprised of a binding protein (TBP) and a TBP-associated factors (TAFs)
  2. TFIIA and TFIIB, function?
    TFIIA and TFIIB bind to TFIID to guide TFIIF where to align to properly attatch RNA poly II on promoter
  3. TFIIF Function?
    TFIIF's function is to facilitate binding of RNA poly II to the growing complex on the promoter. Helps RNA poly II interact to know where +1 is.
  4. Function of TFIIH?
    • Helicase function
    • trigers the unwinding of the DNA template
    • Adds phosphase to tail of RNA poly II and starts transcription
  5. Function of Gyrase.
    Gyrase has topoisomerase activity and helps releave the tention of the DNA unwinding.
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