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  1. Because pictures affect a viewer emotionally, what
    happens in regards to these pictorial stereotypes?
    They start to become part of society’s culture
  2. Be able to define "culture" as it's
    described in the textbook.
    • Culture is a culmination of learned, mutually
    • accepted rules that define communication for a group of people during a
    • particular time period.
  3. In a multicultural society, why are members of
    other cultures stigmatized?
    • because of their inability to use the symbols of
    • the dominant culture.
  4. How does "stereotypical media coverage"
    manifest? (Hint: It's two things.)
    As a sin of admission or omission
  5. Understand and be able to give educated examples of
    African American, Female, and Gay/Lesbian, and Native American stereotypes.
    • African American: male actors wearing wigs,
    • makeup, and heavy body suits to portray overweight, insensitive, and crass
    • women.
    • Female: portrayed as sex objects designed only for a man’s pleasure, as wives
    • whose chief duty is to serve their husbands, and as mothers who often must rear
    • children without a husband’s help.
    • Gay/Lesbian: HIV/AIDS
    • Native American: bloodthirsty savages, alcoholic indigents, romantic
    • princesses, and silent but wise sidekicks
  6. How did Aaron McGruder, creator of "The
    Boondocks" comic strip criticize BET's programming?
    • BET is trying to perpetuate African Americans and
    • promote the “thug life.”
  7. What are "cultural norms"?
    • learned behaviors and are based on several
    • interrelated factors
  8. According to the textbook author, what are the
    "best ways" to combat prejudice?
    • when the media regularly celebrates cultural
    • diversity with words and images instead of concentrating on conflict and
    • stereotypes.
  9. From Body Art lecture..Jeff Wortham categorized
    tattoos into 5 categories. Be able to identify these categories and give an
    example of each.
    • Love
    • Heritage
    • Religion
    • personality
    • memorial
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