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  1. Why is microbiology important to the dental assistant?
    To understand the nature of pathogens (disease producing microorganisms) and ways to prevent the transmission od disease in the dental office.
  2. Who is referred to as the "Father of Microbiology"?
    Louis Pasteur
  3. Who recognized that airborne microorganisms were responsible for postsurgical infections?
    Joseph Lister
  4. Who was responsible for discovering the rabies vaccine?
    Lois Pasteur
  5. What are the three primary shapes of bacteria?
    • Coccus- sphere
    • Bacillus- rod
    • Spirochete- spiral
  6. What is the staining process for separating bacteria?
    Gram's Stain
  7. What is the term for bacteria that requires oxygen to grow?
  8. What is the most resistant form of bacterial life?
  9. How are prions different from other microorganisms?
    Composed of protein and lack Nucleic acid(DNA or RNA). They convert normal protein molecules into dangerous ones simply by causing the normal ones to change thei shape.
  10. Which types of hepatitis are spread by exposure to blood?
    Hepatitis B, C, D
  11. How is HIV spread?
    • Sexual contact
    • Needle sharing
    • Babies born to HIV infected mothers (before or during birth)
    • Breastfeeding after birth
  12. What tissues are affected by the West Nile Virus?
    • nervous system (neurons)
    • inflammation of brain and spinal cord
  13. How is the H1N1 virus spread?
    • Person to person
    • naturally among pigs
  14. What microorganism is used as the benchmark for the effectiveness of a surface disinfectant?
    Tuberculosis kill time
  15. What disease is also know as lockjaw?
  16. What is a sign of the first stage of syphilis?
    Ulcerating sore (chancre)
  17. What is a pandemic?
    Condition that occurs throughout the people of a country of the world.
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