Vase and tems with columns

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  1. Vase for Wine or Wet storage?
  2. what do you call the Water and wine mixer bowls?
    • Column Krater
    • Bell Krater
  3. which Vase is used for water?
    • Hydria
  4. What vase is used for drinking?
    • Kylix
  5. which vase is used for oil?
    • Lekythos
  6. which vase is used for wine serving?
    • Oinochoe
  7. corinthian column
  8. doric column
  9. ionic column
  10. define the 7 parts of a building

  11. what kind of artistic vases and figure are these?
    Bilingual vase- shows the same scene on both sides of the base one in red and the other in black figure.

  12. what are this jars used for?
    Canopic Jars- are used for storing the organs of the deseased which later is buried in their chamber.

  13. what are the name of this columns?
    CARYATID- a female column

  14. what is the name of this system of writing? how is it made?
    CUNEIFORM- wedge shape system of writing that uses a stylus to press into soft clay that later bakes.

  15. what is the name of the part of this column.
    Entasis- the swelling in the shaft of a column.

  16. what is the name of this place? and what city is located there?
    Fertile cresent- the land between the rivers. tigris and euphrates the city of MESOPOTAMIA.

  17. what is the name of this system of writing?
    Hyeroglyphs- an old egyptian style of writing that uses symbols and pictures.

  18. title of this art?
    Lamassu- a guardian in the form of a men headed bull with wings.

  19. what is the name of this beast?
    Minotaur- mythical beast that is half man half beast.

  20. what is this kings know for? what is his name?
    Pericles-a leader that restored the acropolis and parthenon.

  21. what is the name of this slab of rock?
    • Rosetta stone- had 3 languages
    • ancient egypt/demonic/greek

  22. what is depicted on this?
    Symposia- a greek gathering only for men.

  23. what was this site for? and the name?
    Ziggurat-a platform for a temple for the living to use for worship.

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Vase and tems with columns
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