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  1. What ais the goal of preventive dentistry?
    To help people of all ages attain optimal oral health throughout their lives.
  2. What are the two most common dental diseases?
    • dental caries
    • periodontal disease
  3. What is the goal of a patient education program?
    To educate, encourage, and assist patients to change attitudes and modify behaviors that work against good oral health.
  4. What is the initial step in a patient education program?
    Listen carefully to learn how patients perceive their dental healthcare needs.
  5. What are dental sealants?
    A plastic-like coating that is applied over the occlusal pits and grooves of the teeth.
  6. What is the process by which fluoride prevents decay?
    Slowing demineralization and enhancing remineralization of tooth surfaces.
  7. What are the two routes or means by which the body receives flouride?
    • Systemic fluoride is ingested in water, food, beverages, or supplements.
    • Topical fluoride is applied in direct contact with the teeth through the use of fluoridated toothpaste, fluoride mouth rinses, and topical applicationsor rinses, gels, foams, and varnishes.
  8. What is the name of the dental condition that results from too much flouride?
  9. What precautions are necessary for children who use fluoridated toothpaste?
    • Adult supervision during toothbrushing.
    • Instruct not to swallow
  10. What is the key dietary factor that relates to dental caries?
    Dietary sugar
  11. What information must a patient include in a food diary?
    Everything eaten each day for 1 week
  12. how do sugar-free sodas relate to dental caries?
    • They contain their own acid.
    • Acid attacks teeth
    • attack lasts about 20min
  13. What can patients do daily to remove plaque?
    • brushing
    • flossing
    • use interdental cleaning aids
    • antimicrobial solutions
  14. Which type of toothbrush bristle is usually recommended?
  15. Which method of toothbrushing is generally recommended?
    Bass method
  16. What is the difference between dental floss and dental tape?
    • Dental floss is circular
    • Dental tape is flat
  17. Which is more effective: waxed or unwaxed dental floss?
    No difference
  18. What cleaners can be used to clean dentures?
    • Denture brush with:
    • Commercial denture cleanser
    • mild soap
    • dishwashing liquid
    • mild toothpaste
  19. Will "tartar control" toothpaste remove calculus?
    • No
    • It will reduce it
  20. If you cannot brush and floss after lunch, what should you do?
    Rinse mouth with water
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