Commands Subjunctive

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  1. recomendar (e-ie)
    • to recommend
    • No te recomiendo que hagas mas ejercicio.
    • I don't recommend that you exercise more.
  2. El subjuntivo Rules
    When wishing or hoping something for oneself, and the subject does not change you must use the infinitive, not the subjunctive.

    • Quieren ir de camping este fin de semana.
    • They want to go camping this weekend.
    • Espera tejer un sueter pronto.
    • She hopes to knit a sweater soon.`
    • Deseo trabajar en el jardin esta tarde.
    • I want to work in the garden this afternoon.
  3. desear
    • to wish
    • Deseo que mis padres me regalen tarjetas de beisbol.
    • I wish that my parents would give me baseball cards.

    • Deseo is indicative present tense
    • regalen is the change of subject
  4. espero
    • to hope
    • Espero que estes contento---no quiero pelear contigo hoy.

    I hope that you are happy---I dont want to fight you today.
  5. aconsejar
    to recommend; to advise
  6. exigir
    to demand
  7. insister (en)
    to insist
  8. necesitar
    to need
  9. pedir (e-i-i)
    to ask (for); to request
  10. preferir (e-ie-i)
    to prefer
  11. prohibir
    to prohibit
  12. proponer
    tto suggest; to propose
  13. querer (e-ie)
    to want; to wish
  14. rogar (o-ue)
    to beg
  15. sugerir (e-ie-i)
    to suggest
  16. Es importante que...
    It is important that
  17. Es mejor que...
    It's better that...
  18. Es necesario que...
    It is necessary that
  19. Es preferible que...
    It's preferable that...
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Commands Subjunctive
To recommend or to request something
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