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  1. General Characteristics of All Posterior Teeth
    • Two or more cusps
    • Occlusal table with ridges and grooves
    • Marginal ridges perpendicular to long axis of the tooth
    • Facial height of contour: cervical third
    • Lingual height of contour: middle third
  2. General Premolar Features
    • One buccal cusp
    • One (or two) lingual cusps
    • Transitional between canines and molars in function
    • Why is the term bicuspid inaccurate?
  3. Premolar Occlusal Table
    • Each cusp has 4 cusp ridges.
    • One cusp ridge = triangular ridge.
    • Two triangular ridges = transverse ridge.
    • Marginal ridges border the occlusal table.
    • Image Upload 1
  4. Maxillary Premolars
    • Buccal and lingual cusps of nearly equal size
    • Occlusal surface wider buccolingually than mesiodistally
    • 1st larger than 2nd
  5. Maxillary 1st Premolar
    • Two roots: buccal and lingual
    • Angular occlusal table
    • Mesial marginal developmental groove
    • Mesial crown concavity
    • Buccal cusp slightly longer than lingual
    • Lingual cusp offset to mesial when viewed from lingual aspect
    • Image Upload 2
  6. Maxillary 2nd Premolar
    • Single root
    • Symmetrical
    • Rounded occlusal table
    • Buccal and lingual cusps nearly equal
    • Buccal and lingual cusps in line
    • No mesial groove and concavity
    • Image Upload 3
  7. Maxillary 2nd Premolar:
    • how to tell mesial from distal
    • List features that distinguish maxillary 1st and 2nd premolars.
  8. Mandibular Premolars
    • Large buccal cusp
    • 2nd larger than 1st
    • Very small lingual cusp(s)
    • Buccolingual = mesiodistal crown dimension
    • Lingual inclination of buccal surface
  9. Lingual Inclination of Mandibular Posterior Teeth
    • Permits good interdigitation of opposing maxillary and mandibular teeth in ICP
    • Applies to molars and premolars
  10. Mandibular 1st Premolar
    • Long, sharp buccal cusp
    • Transitional form
    • Very small lingual cusp
    • ML developmental groove
    • Image Upload 4
  11. Mandibular 2nd Premolar
    • Only premolar with 3 cusps
    • Buccal cusp is largest
    • ML cusp > DL cusp
    • Image Upload 5
  12. Location of ICP Contacts
    • Introduction to ICP Contacts
    • Supporting Cusps in ICP
    • Maxillary lingual
    • Mandibular buccal
    • The Picket Fence: a Model for Locating ICP Contacts
    • Where would you expect to see ICP contacts on #13?
    • Which is the supporting cusp?
    • Where do opposing supporting cusps contact this tooth?
    • Image Upload 6
    • Image Upload 7
  13. #13 ICP Contacts
    • Lingual cusp is the supporting cusp
    • Contacts on each marginal ridge made by opposing supporting cusps
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