Success Strategies ch. 4

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  1. core values
    the principles and qualities that inform your beliefs and actions
  2. goal
    an end toward which you direct your efforts
  3. short term goals
    • help you narrow your focus and encourage progress toward bigger dreams
    • small steps to reach long term goal
  4. long term goals
    broader objectives and dreams that you want to achieve over a long period of time
  5. stress
    physical or mental strain produced in reaction to pressure
  6. binge drinking
    having 5 or more drinks (for men) or 4 or more (for women) at one time
  7. emotional intelligence
    the ability to percieve, assess, and manage one's own emotions as well as understand the emotions of others
  8. cultural competence
    the ability to understand and appreciate differences and to respond to people of all cultures in a way that values their worth, respects their beliefs and practices, and builds communication and relationships
  9. prejudice
    a preconceived judgement or opinion formed without just grounds or sufficient knowledge
  10. stereotype
    a standardized mental picture that represents an oversimplified opinion or uncritical judgment
  11. What does S.M.A.R.T. stand for?
    • Specific
    • Mesurable
    • Attainable
    • Relevant
    • Time Frame
  12. 2 principles of healthy eating are?
    Balance and moderation
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