MArine and Land

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  1. Thunder bay facts
    • YQT-3rd busiest airport in Ontario
    • Population of 110,00-113,000
    • Cruise-MV Clelia 2
  2. What airlines serve Thunder Bay
    • Air Canada (AC)
    • West Jet (WS)
    • Porter (PI)
    • Bearskin (JV)
    • Wasaya (WT)
  3. Direct Charter service from Thunde Bay
    • Air transat-Airline Canjet
    • Destinations- Cuba, Dominican Jamacia.
    • dec-March
  4. t-bay hotels offering shuttle
    • Valhalla
    • Victoria inn
    • travelodge
  5. Car rentals
    • Herts
    • Enterprise
    • Avis
    • National
    • Budget
  6. Taxis in t-bay
    • Roachs
    • superior
  7. Limousine services in T-bay
    • prestige
    • Golden rule
  8. Motocoach services in Tbay
    • Happy time tours
    • norcan tours
    • grey hound
    • iron range
    • first student Canada
  9. Tbay transit system
    • Intercity mall
    • city hall
    • water st Terminal
    • Hospital
    • ConCollege & LU---UPASS
  10. Inbound tour operator
    Based in, and operate tours within, the same country. --vaction packages, guides, tours and transportation.

    Tbay-Lake superior visits
  11. Tbay publications
    • Thunder Bay experience
    • Circle tour
  12. Tour Opertator
    contracts with hotels, Transportation companies and other suppliers to creat a tour package to sell to cunsumers.
  13. Buying in Bulk advantage?
    Buying in bulk, yours can be offered to the client at a lower rate.
  14. All tours are contructed proir to the sale----Disadventage
    The operator is at risk if the tours don`t sell, as they have already been paid for in advance.
  15. ITC-inclusive tour charter-Disadvantage
    No deviations allowed, client must take package as is (no cartering to clients needs)
  16. inclusive tour charter --Advantages
    • cost is reduced by bulk buying
    • last minute sell-offs are possible.
  17. There are three minimum components of an ITC
    • 1-Air transportation with specified carrier(airline)
    • 2-Hotel accommodation (usually 7-14 nights)
    • 3-Transfers (transportation to/from hotel/airport)
  18. Basic ITC packages generally DO NOT include the foollowing items:
    • Meals and sightseeing unless specified
    • Hotel service charges and taxes
    • Items of personal nature(landuary & bar)
    • Travel insurance
  19. All-inclusive ITC`s include (air/hotel/transfers) and?
    • meals as outlined
    • liquor and/ or cigarettes
    • Hotel service charges/taxes
    • Activities-water sports and theme parties
    Company that contracts with hotels, and transportation companies and other supplies to creat a tour package and then sells that package to the consumer through a retail travel agency
  21. FIT?
    Fully independent tour

    tours are planned exclusively for a client by a travel agent
  22. Tour Wholesaler tours are?
    Tours are customized and are created after the travel agency requests it.
  23. Manuals needed to make tours.
    • maps
    • info on destinations
    • OAG-officail airline giude.
  24. advantages of an FIT?
    • clients to devise their own itierary
    • customize the clients vaction
    • last minute changes are possible
  25. Disadvantages of a FIT?
    clients unable to take advantage of special airfares/hotel rates

    No tour representative to contact if any problems
  26. Ground and land packages
    pre-arraged accommodation and car rentals. these packages are usually offered a specified price.

    • hotel packages (3,4,7 night stays) -family drives to disneyland
    • car package-7-14 days rental-client flys to destination needs car rental on aarival
  27. tour companies that sell land packages
    • Red Seal tours
    • Holiday house
  28. ABC's Advance booking Charters
    • Normally seasonal
    • offered at popular destinations at most popular time of year.
    • limted dates & departure times
    • Normally one class of service
  29. Major advantages of using ABC
    • cheaper than paying full fare on a scheduled carrier
    • Tickets are issued by the aitline, not the travel agaent.
    • Commissions are generally higher that on schedule flights
  30. Disadvantages of using ABC
    • Operate at less convenient times of the day.
    • there is less frequent service than on a scedule carrier
    • no advance seat selection
    • tickets are $100 non-refundable
  31. Examples of charter airlines in Canada are:
    • Air transat
    • Skyservice
  32. Car rental locations
    • Airports
    • intown
    • suburban
    • off-ariport
  33. Customers Qualifications for getting a Car rental?
    • Valid drivers licence or international drivers
    • usually ge of 21 to 25 ...maxium of 65 in some countries
    • Have a major credit card
    • no credit-offer employers name and address.
  34. Regular Car rate
    Standard charge for the day, usually with an added amount for kilometres driven
  35. Special car rate
    A discount rate for weekly, weekends or holidays. can also include unlimited kilmeter plan
  36. Corporate Car rate
    A discount rate for employees of the companies with high rental volume
  37. Insurance-LDW(loss/Damage waiver)
    Relieve clients of their liability for amount of damage. Coverage for loss of the use of the rental car should acciedent occour.
  38. PAI( Personal accident insurance)
    provides coverage incase of bodily injury to the client.
  39. IDP(internation drivers permit)
    • -Makes your Canadian provincial drivers license into a universal driving classification.
    • -Allows you to drive a vehicle in a foreign country with more tests
    • -fee $15.00-plus 2 passport size photographs.
  40. Daily duties of a car rental agent
    • information on mass transit
    • information on types of insuracne
    • explain rental terms
    • process forms
    • check in used cars, clean, no damage
  41. three essential skills
    • good english
    • math skills
    • operate computer
    • Type of transportation which involves carrying passenger from one type of transportation to another.
    • EX: Shuttle from Airport to hotel.
    the use of motorcoach travel to gain an overview of a city or area, its buildings, mounments, and attractions.

    • EX: Mini-bus-7-8 or 12-15 pax
    • Double decker bus- two levels. Used by Victoria, Toronto, Ottawa
    local sightseeing tours and affordable getaways from major cities.

    • ex: one day tour of Niagara falls
    • ex: your of grand canyon & hoover dam- las vegas

    • Companies:
    • Gray lines tours
    • american sightseeing tours
  45. Independent point to point travel
    Independent travel by bus is not often sold by travel agents because commissions are rarely offered anf the value of the sale is low.

    • Europe-europabus
    • U.S.A- National Travelways
    • Canada-greyhound
    bus reserved for use by a group. It goes to specific destinations at specific time
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