MT ch 8

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  1. Cardiovascualr
    pertaining to the heart and vessels
  2. Cardi/o
    combining form for heart
  3. Thoracic/ chest cavity
    where the heart is located
  4. pericardium
    a double walled membrane surrounding the heart
  5. myocardium
    middle and thickest layer of the heart. (actual heart muscle)
  6. endocardium
    inner layer of the heart, lines the heart chambers and vavles
  7. Coronary arteries
    ateries that serve the heart
  8. Atrium/ atria
    craniodorsal chambers of the heart
  9. atri/o
    combining form for atria
  10. Ventricals
    caudoventrical chanbers of the heart
  11. Vetrincal/o
    combining form for ventrical
  12. apex
    the narrow tip of the heart
  13. valv/o,
    combining form for valve
  14. valve
    membranious fold
  15. valvul/o
    combining form for valvle
  16. heartbeat
    the rate of the heart rythm
  17. systole
  18. diastole
  19. cardiac output
    volume of blood pumped by the heart per unit time
  20. inotropy
    force of contraction
  21. sinus rythm
    normal heart rhythm
  22. arrhythmia
    abnormal rhythm of the heart
  23. fibrillation
    rapid /random heart beat
  24. bradycardia
    abnormally slow heart beat
  25. brady-
    abnormally slow
  26. tachycardia
    abnormmaly rapid heart beat
  27. tachy-
    abnormally rapid
  28. syncope
    tempory suspesion of respiration and circulation
  29. ausculatation
    act of listening to the body sounds and usually involves the use of a stethoschope
  30. Stethosope
    intrument used to listen
  31. heart murmur
    abnormal sound associated with the turbulent flow of blood
  32. insufficiency
    leak in valve resulting in inability to perform at the proper level
  33. stenosis
  34. thrill
    vibration felt in a palpation
  35. angi/o, vas/o
    combining form for vessel
  36. intravenious
    within the vein
  37. perivascular
    around the vein
  38. intra-arterial
    within the artery
  39. lumen
    openeing of valves through which fluid flows
  40. vasoconstrictors
    things that narrow the blood vessel's diameter
  41. vasodilators
    things that widen the blood vessel's diameter
  42. arteries
    are vessels that carry blood away form the heart
  43. arteri/0
    combinng form for artery
  44. aorta
    main trunk of the aterial system that begins from the left ventrical to the heart
  45. aort/o
    combining form for arota
  46. perfusion
    blood flow through tissues
  47. capillary refil time
    putting pressure to the mucas membrane and timing how long it takes for the pink color to return
  48. veins
    form a low pressure collecting system that retuns blood throughout the body
  49. ven/o, pheleb/o
    combining form for vein
  50. Jugular vein
    drains the head and neck area
  51. blood pressure
    the tension exerted by blood on the arterial walls
  52. pulse
    the rhythmic expansion and contraction of an artery produced by pressure
  53. sphygmomanometer
    measures the amound of pressure excerted against the walls of the vesels
  54. sphygm/o
    combining form for pulse
  55. man/o
    combining form for pressure
  56. systolic pressure
    occurs when ventricals contract
  57. diastolic pressure
    occurs when ventricals relax
  58. -meter
  59. hypertension
    high blood pressure
  60. hypotension
    low blood pressure
  61. echocaridiography
    process of evalutating the heart sturctures using sound waves
  62. electrocardiogram
    record of electricty activity of the heart (ECG or EKG)
  63. electrocariography
    process of recording electricity activiy in the heart
  64. electrocardiograph
    machine that records the electricity levels in the heart
  65. radiography
    procedures of imaging graphs by exposing sensitized film to x rays
  66. radiograph
    resulting film from radiography
  67. tourniquet
    consrticting band tied around limb to stop blood or to assist in drawing blood.
  68. aneurysm
    localized balloonlike enlargerment of an artery
  69. angiopathy
    desease of vessels
  70. arther/o
    comning form for plaque or fatty substance
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