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  1. what is inspiration?
    intake of air into the lungs
  2. what is expiration?
    the expire of air out of lungs
  3. inspiration is....
    increase in the volume of thorax to allow intake of air into the lungs
  4. expiration is....
    decrease in volume of thorax that pushes air out of lungs
  5. what is the diaphragm?
    the muscle that control inspiration and expiration
  6. what are the muscles that assist in heavy breathing?
    • -pectoralis minor
    • -sternocleidomastoid
    • -scalenes
    • (to increase thoracic volume)
  7. what is the normal atmospheric pressure?
    760 mmHg
  8. what is the alveolar pressure and intrapleural pressure when the diaphragm is at rest?
    • -Alveolar pressure = 760 mmHg
    • -Intrapleural pressure = 756 mmHg
  9. what is the alveolar pressure and intrapleural pressure when the diaphragm is contracting (inspiration)?
    • -Alveolar pressure = 758 mmHg
    • -Intrapleural pressure = 754 mmHg
  10. what is the alveolar pressure and intrapleural pressure when the diaphragm is relaxing (expiration)?
    • -Alveolar pressure = 762 mmHg
    • -Intrapleural pressure = 756 mmHg
  11. what is the fluid between the two layer of the lungs called?
    pleural fluid
  12. what helps the lungs to inflate?
    pleural fluid
  13. what is boyle's law?
    the boyle's state that pressure and volume are inversly corralated...
  14. what is the general gas law?
    • P=nRT/ V
    • P= pressure
    • n= moles of gas present
    • R= gas constant
    • t= temperature
    • V= volume
  15. pressure is ______ related to volume
  16. as the volume ______ in the thorax, the pressure _______.
    increase, decrease
  17. when the thorax is expanded, the pressure outside the lungs is _______ than inside the lungs.
  18. to reestablish equilibrium gas will move from areas of _____ ______, to areas of _____ ______.
    higer pressure, lower pressure
  19. raising chest volume _____ volume in alveoli and ______ pressure in the alveoli.
    raises, reduces
  20. what causes lungs to expand as thorax expands?
    plurae fluid
  21. at the end of expiration ______ and _____ pressures are equal.
    outside, intrapulmonary
  22. durning inspiration....
    volume of _____ and ____ increases,
    _______ volume increase,
    _______ pressure drops
    ____ moves into ____due to pressure differences
    • thorax, lungs
    • Alveolar
    • alveolar
    • air, alveoli
  23. ______ assist in inflating the lungs, and _______ assist in deflating the lungs.
    plural fluid, elastic fibers
  24. intrapleural pressure is measured between?
    parietal and visceral pleurae

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